AMRITA BIOQUEST 2013 being held at Kerala

This international conference on biotechnology for innovative applications being hosted by the Amrita University in August, aims to serve as a platform for deliberations among distinguished experts from diverse areas of biotechnology


The growing impact of Biotechnology in all spheres has resulted in the active and focused pursuit of innovative applications that capitalize on novel approaches to enhance our strengths in frontier areas of Biotechnology.

AMRITA BIOQUEST 2013 will provide an ideal forum to discuss exciting and emerging multidisciplinary themes related to the use of biotechnology in addressing pertinent societal needs. The conference will focus on the ways in which research areas such as translational medicine, nanotechnology, neuroscience, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and bioengineering contribute to alleviating human suffering and improving the quality of life. This conference, which is being hosted by the Amrita School of Biotechnology, Amrita University, will serve as an ideal platform for distinguished experts from diverse areas of biotechnology to come together to discuss and deliberate on established as well as emerging platforms and strategies.

A significant feature of Amrita Bioquest 2013 is a live webcast interaction with Prof. Leland Hartwell, (2001 Nobel Laureate for Physiology and Medicine for his discovery of protein molecules that control cell division) who will address the conference delegates, live from his office in Seattle, USA, followed by a live question and answer session. Prof. Hartwell will focus on the theme "The Role of Science and Technology in Creating a Sustainable World."

Ten Talks is a Ph.D symposium selecting 10 novel papers from current PhD students. The goal of the "ten talks" event is to highlight their work in front of other academics than their supervisors. They will be able to present their work and get feedback on their topic and approach from leading scientists in the field and from fellow students.

Another interesting event being conducted at Amrita Bioquest 2013 is Pitchfest. This is a contest for entrepreneurial startups with innovative ideas in Biotechnology. Pitchfest offers the perfect platform for new business ideas to be presented with the potential for useful applications, to a panel of experts in the field.

Amrita Bioquest 2013 will thus provide an ideal forum to discuss and deliberate on established as well as emerging platforms and strategies and promises to be a very enriching, productive and rewarding experience.


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