Carestream receives FDA clearance for new technology

Besides producing high quality, low dose pediatric X-ray exams, the new technology also offers significant advantages for orthopaedic and general radiology X-ray images


Carestream Health, continued its dominance in medical X-ray imaging technology by declaring FDA clearance for a new wireless digital radiography detector designed to offer high quality, low dose X-ray exams for pediatric, orthopaedic and general radiology applications. The new detector is expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2013.

Helen Titus, Carestream's worldwide X-ray solutions Marketing director told "This smaller detectors can enhance patient care for premature infants in the pediatric ICU. Owing to its size the detector can easily fit underneath the incubator in a small tray, therefore technologist can easily monitor and access the images of these premature babies without moving them."

The new DRX 2530C detector can be put in use with any member of the DRX family of room based and mobile imaging sysytems. This flexibility is part of Crestream's commitment to enhance productivity and maximise each healthcare provider's investment in imaging technology.

"The new DRX 2530C detector addressed a need voiced by healthcare provides across the globe for a smaller detector that could deliver significant imaging advantages in pediatric and orthopaedic department," said Diana L.Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream. To this she added " We will continue to expand our higly rated DRX imaging systems with new innovations that caters to the inmaging service providers and patients."


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