DBT promotes research in disease biology

Aiming to focus on few key verticals within human developmental and disease biology, the department of biotechnology (DBT) has invited proposals from researchers actively engaged in the field


The department of biotechnology (DBT), ministry of science and technology has invited research proposals from clinicians/scientists and those who are actively engaged in the field of human developmental and disease biology (HDDB). The proposals may encompass any aspect of developmental or disease, biology related to pregnancy, foetal/neonatal stages, early years of life in humans or related aspects including in vitro and in vivo functional studies using suitable cell lines and model organisms respectively.

Multicentric consortium mode projects involving both research scientists and clinicians are also desirable as interdisciplinary components. Mechanistic paradigms underlying the complications during pregnancy such as preeclampsia, preterm birth, IUGR, autoimmunity etc. Even the Foetal growth & development, premature or abnormal birth, still birth, congenital anomalies are looked in this research idea. The growth and the other process in Gene (dys) function leading to early developmental anomalies; as well as Gene environment interactions which involved causes for pregnancy loss and congenital anomalies will be the prime field of interest in the study.

The DBT also further looks into the biological basis of host response at extremes of ages (both early development and ageing) and interventions to improve resistance to/or response to infection. With Novel tools of prediction, early and easier disease detection and therapeutic intervention in the above conditions.

The interested individuals are welcomed especially investigators/scientists/clinical researchers can submit their proposals ONLINE (website: http://dbtepromis.nic.in) as per details given on the Department's website www.dbtindia.nic.in by 31st August, 2013. While entering details of the proposal under the Area selection, one should select the following ‘Human Developmental and Disease Biology (HDDB)'.

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