DBT invites suitable ideas on fungi as industrial important products

A major national network programme on ‘Prospecting of Fungi' to be initiated by the department of biotechnology (DBT) will focus on its treasure of valuable metabolites for industrial important products


Through this major national network programme on ‘Prospecting of Fungi' the department of biotechnology (DBT) would like to capitalize on a treasure of valuable metabolites for industrial important products. For achieving that, the purpose is to establish a network programme involving R&D centers at Universities and Institutes who are interested in prospecting of fungal resources (known and new Fungi) for novel compounds. The specific emphasis should be on bioprospecting of endophytic, thermophilic, marine and coprophilus fungi from different ecological niches.

The full length proposals are invited from R&D centres (national laboratories, public institutes, universities etc.) who are interested in prospecting on Fungi of industrial importance. Some indicative priority areas identified but not limited to are bioprospecting of known and new fungi for-industrially important bio-molecules (antibiotics, Pharmaceutical molecules, therapeutic proteins, vitamins, bioinsecticides, biocontrol agents, Foods (neutraceuticals), carotenoids, vitamins, Myco-protein) Industrially important enzymes and enzyme inhibitors, Novel primary and secondary metabolites, Fungal genomics in discovering new biomolecules/drugs, Fungal based biocatalysts to produce pharmaceutical and other industrial products and novel methods to avoid fungal diseases and fungal biosensors

In case there is interest in developing a product which has not been listed, that could also be considered, however proper justifications should be provided regarding its national relevance/market potential.

The proposals must highlight novelty and strength of existing knowledge, demonstrated proof of concept and expected products/outcomes. If industry is involved, IP sharing between the partners should be clearly spelt out and the percent budget contribution of the industrial partner should be mentioned clearly.

The proposals will be examined by constituted expert committee and those which get shortlisted will be intimated for presentation for consideration of financial support by DBT. Interested scientists working in the universities, national laboratories and public institutes can submit their proposal online through DBT eproMIS website (http://dbtepromis.nic.in/login.aspx) under the programme area "National Bio-resource Development Board-Bioprospecting" latest by 16th August, 2013.

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