Merck and Greenpharma collaborate on cosmetic active ingredient

The researchers at Greenpharma have proved that the active ingredient inhibits the build-up of fat by reducing G3PDH activity (glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase) in the fat cells


Recently Merck announced the signing of an agreement with Greenpharma S.A.S. (Orléans, France) for its cosmetic active ingredient poppy seed extract. According to the agreement, Merck will market the active ingredient globally under its umbrella brand RonaCare® as of September. In addition, Merck is responsible for sales, logistics and application technology customer support. Poppy seed extract is a skin-firming substance with a dual mechanism of action.

Michael Weiden, Head of Functional Materials within the Pigments & Cosmetics business unit, explains: "We are a leading manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients and the course clearly continues to be set for growth in this area. We will continue to augment our innovative portfolio derived from in-house research and development by cooperating with external partners. Compliance with Merck quality standards is a most important precondition. Greenpharma distinguishes itself by high quality standards, intensive research work and environmentally sound product manufacturing. That makes it a perfect partner for Merck."

Natural poppy seed extract displays lipolytic activity via a dual mechanism: both by inhibiting lipogenesis and by activating lipolysis. The researchers at Greenpharma proved that the active ingredient inhibits the build-up of fat by reducing G3PDH activity (glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase) in the fat cells. At the same time, it activates lipolysis by enhancing the release of free fatty acids.

As a result, poppy seed extract is particularly suited for use in anti-cellulite body care products. The skin-firming effect of the substance can also be put to use in other applications, for instance to give facial skin a smoother and more even appearance."We are proud to serve our partner Merck as an innovative provider of R&D solutions. This agreement does illustrate Greenpharma's capability to conduct R&D projects from a robust scientific basis to an active ingredient ready for the market", declared Philippe Bernard, Chief Executive Officer of Greenpharma.

Further, the company also offers functional fillers and effect pigments for color cosmetics and skin care products. In particular, effect pigments are used in many cosmetic products in order to provide color, luster, gloss and other effects.

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