Roselabs launches PFS facility

PFS has huge potential in domestic as well as global markets.Its demand growth has been over 50% during the last five years, Nearly around 95 percent of India’s demand is met through imports.


The Roselabs Group, has recently launch it's first of kind complete end-to-end pre-filled syringes (PFS) making facility available to the world. The Roselabs Bioscience Limited and Roselabs Polymers company has set up this and has already invested more than Rs 400 crore in this exclusive new state-of-the-art facility near Ahmedabad.

It has recently got approval from the WHO-GMP and has also initiated the procedure of getting other countries' regulatory approvals. It is expecting to get approvals from 35-40 countries across South East Asia, Africa and Latin America in the coming months for its new project.

The unique selling proposition of Roselabs is that it offers a composite PFS solution under one roof. The existing and potential market for pre-filled syringes in India and globally is huge. Nearly 95% of PFS are imported into India which is one of the fastest growing markets for this sector." said Mr. Zameer Agarwal, Director of Roselabs Bioscience Ltd.
It new ventures have already invested for more than Rs 400 crore for PFS facility at Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat which has a capacity to manufacture 8 lakh syringes a day.

The practice of pre-filled syringes provides multiple advantages that are vital for any patient anywhere in the world. A PFS remains sterilized for much longer than standard syringes and are not likely of discrepancy in the drug strength. Most healthcare professionals now prefer PFS to conventional syringes, as they are pre-measured and prepared to use with secure sterility guarantees, and offer convenience and well being to healthcare professionals as well as patients.

In terms of vials and ampoules, there is over-filling of 15-25%, while in case of PFS it is only 2-3%, which in itself is a major saving. PFS usage also ensures that medical waste (of which syringes, vials and ampoules are a major part) is brought down by nearly 50%. It is anticipated that every year there are around 3 million mishaps taking place due to needle stick injuries, and PFS cuts down this risk.


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