Centre for Biodesign looks for CSO

The Centre for Biodesign and Diagnostics (CBD), a part of Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), has invited interests from the potential persons suitable for the post of chief scientific officer


The department of biotechnology (DBT), ministry of science and technology (government of India) has established the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), an autonomous institution, as a part of the interdisciplinary Biotech Science Cluster at Faridabad in the National Capital Region. The Centre for Biodesign and Diagnostics (CBD) which is a part of it is now looking for a chief scientific officer to take care of various activities at the centre.

The CSO will be responsible for translating innovations to develop new processes or products and will network with national and global institutes and industries. Apart from that, his role will involve the creation of workshops and seminars and other programs to boost the culture of innovation/translational research that would ultimately lead to products. The incumbent will also perform the execution of strategies to support the innovation activities through funding opportunities, partnerships and help the researchers obtaining extramural funding. The person will also dvelop effective interactions between clinicians, epidemiologists, biologists and engineers to augment a process for need-finding based on clinical immersion of biological research products generated at THSTI. Work with clinicians, NGO's, patients, researchers to find where the unmet need is in India and guiding research in the field of unmet needs.

The appointment will be made on contract for a period up to one year with a probation period of six months. Further continuance will depend on the performance review of the candidate. Positions will be initially based in the THSTI's interim laboratories at Gurgaon and will be shifted to its permanent campus in Faridabad within one year. The primary mission of Centre for Biodesign and Diagnostics (CBD) is to promote an effective translational route of basic findings ultimately into routine applications of major importance, through a multidisciplinary approach, combining new bio markers, novel technological concepts and clinical expertise.
The list of screened candidates will be published on THSTI website by June 28, 2013 and will be called for interview during the 3rd week of July, 2013.

The permanent campus and buildings of THSTI are coming up at Faridabad and will be completed within one year. The institute is currently functioning from interim facilities in Gurgaon. The institution is designed with a mission to conduct innovative translational research. THSTI is organized into several niche centres based on their research focus viz Vaccine and Infectious Disease Research Center (VIDRC), Pediatric Biology Centre (PBC), Centre for Biodesign & Diagnostics (CBD), Clinical Development Services Agency (CDSA) , Policy Centre for Biomedical Research (PCBR), Centre for Human Microbial Ecology (CHME) and Drug Discovery Research Centre (DDRC).

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