Lucknow biotech park plans to expand its activities

Assuring full support to its activities and expansion, Uttar Pradesh government has asked the Lucknow Biotech Park and the entrepreneurs on its campus to prepare their list of demands


Mr Jawed Usmani, chief secretary, government of Uttar Pradesh and Dr Har Saran Das, principal secretary, department of science and technology, government of Uttar Pradesh planted Royal Palm trees in the lawns of the park

During his recent visit to Lucknow Biotech Park, Mr Jawed Usmani,chief secretary, government of Uttar Pradesh interacted with the entrepreneurs of the biotech park who requested incentives in the form of preferential purchase of their products. Assuring all support, Mr Usmani advised Dr PK Seth CEO, Biotech Park to prepare a list of requests of the park entrepreneurs and send it to the principal secretary Science technology.

Subsequently, Dr P K Seth made a brief presentation on biotechnology applications in agriculture and health and how park and biotech products can contribute in enhancing the overall productivity and value addition of the produce. The biotech park CEO in the presentation stressed that Biotech Park is predominantly an incubator and a larger area of 100 to 150 acres of land is needed for setting up of an industrial biotech park.

The chief secretary, accompanied with Dr Har Saran Das, principal secretary, department of science and technology, government of Uttar Pradesh along with other officials, planted Royal Palm trees in the lawns of the park and then visited the Incubator II where he visited Rama Associates who market their products in USA (brand- Veria) and interacted with R&D Scientists of the company. They visited tissue culture primary and secondary hardening facilities where more than 7.5 lakhs G9 banana were under various stages of hardening. The process of hardening right from taking out of the plants from tissue culture bottles to potting in plastic bags was demonstrated.

The chief secretary appreciated the quality of plants and he subsequently visited the Biofertilizer Unit where Mr. Sanjeev Chowdhury, Director, HBL and Dr Arun Sharma, Chief Scientist, HBL who are operating the facility in joint collaboration under PPP mode, explained the products being produced and advantages of the use of biofertilizers. The two senior officials also saw the tissue culture laboratory which has capacity to produce up to 20lakh G9 banana plants in a season.

The chief secretary and principal secretary visited the analytical and quality control, molecular biology and microbiology laboratories. At analytical and quality control laboratory he interacted with the finishing school students and enquired about the usefulness of the training they are undergoing. The students, who were from different cities like Chennai, Delhi, Raipur, Bhopal, Meerut, Agra, Dibrugarh informed that they are finding the finishing school very interesting and useful. They are getting hands on training earlier they were not exposed to industrial biotechnology and requirements of industry and such advanced instruments.

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