Goose launches 'Quality Manager' for pharma industry

The solution is designed to offer real-time corrective measures to tackle deviation across product manufacturing life cycles that can disrupt good manufacturing norms


Pharmaceutical business re-engineering solutions pioneer, Goose announced the launch of ‘Goose Quality Manager' to help track and manage the deviations effectively that result in millions of dollars in revenue loss for the industry if not capped.

"Goose Quality Manager" provides real time visibility into various quality events and is loaded with critical modules to deal with non-conformances, internal and external audits, change management, Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA), complaints and other modules for business functions where quality is of paramount importance. This enterprise scale solution can be integrated with existing ERP applications and includes a built-in document management system along with a powerful collaboration platform.

Available both in basic as well as advanced version, what sets Goose Quality Manager apart from currently available solution is its time to deploy and cost of deployment. The significantly lower investment solution can be deployed in less than three to four months in organisation of any size.

"Each manufacturing cycle consists of hundreds of steps and it is extremely difficult to manage deviations at each step when tens and hundreds of batches of different pharma formulations are running in parallel on any given day. Deviations that are not tracked and corrected can lead to adverse events like customer complaints, alerts and recalls which cause loss in revenue as well as brand value," said Mr Deb Pattnaik, founder and CEO, Goose.

"The easily configurable Goose Quality Manager is designed to effectively track and manage a number of critical quality deviations, minimise regulatory pressures, ensure preparedness, reduce the cost of quality and manage problems that arise at every level of product manufacturing life cycle. Coupled with value pricing strategy our solution also offers greater ROI," Mr Pattnaik adds.

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