“We are one among the few to produce next generation enzymes”

Thane-based Fermenta Biotech operates across a diverse range of product and service platforms including patented technologies to produce enzymes. The company's MD, Mr Satish Verma during his recent trip to Delhi, spoke to BioSpectrum about various


Mr Satish Verma, MD, Fermenta Biotech

"Things are changing globally and chemicals are being replaced by the biological products," says Mr Satish Verma, managing director, Fermenta Biotech, who feels that the prevailing work culture in India is much different when compared to other nations. Adding further he calls for a strong introspection. "We know that we are not leading the conversation in the biotech space as Europe and the US are more proactive. Also, in this sector, the awareness at policy making level is certainly lacking. The regulations are very complex here. So we have to do a lot of thinking here."

Mentioning about the unique operations of Fermenta Biotech, which has filed national and patent co-operation treaty applications for novel products and processes in a number of countries, Mr Verma commented, "We are among few in the world to produce next-generation enzymes with patented applications. The company enjoys a research led competitiveness in the development of enzymes, demonstrated in its domain insight, developmental capability, stabilization competence, operational discipline and successful commercialization,"

Headquartered at Thane (Maharashtra), Fermenta Biotech is a globally oriented, discovery and development driven, biopharmaceutical company operating across a diverse and specialized range of product and service platforms. The company is a subsidiary of DIL (formerly, Duphar Interfran), and was established in 1986 to exploit novel and patented technology related to producing enzymatic products. With 350 employees across different locations in the country and abroad, Fermenta operates in the fields of, vitamin D3 manufacturing, specialist enzymatic biotechnology products, specialist pharmaceutical API's and biotechnology-based solutions to environmental pollution.

Effective business model

Asked about the utility of the biotechnological applications in enzyme business and his company's role, Mr Verma mentioned, "Fermenta's biotech division comprises two significant product lines namely enzymes and immobilization enzymes (supports on which enzymes are mounted). Fermenta discovers and develops biotechnology solutions derived from a robust domain understanding; the company pioneered the manufacture of Penicillin G Acylase enzyme biocatalyst in India in 1987. Over the years, the company reinforced its position as a cost-effective manufacturer of Penicillin G Acylase biocatalysts for onward application in the manufacture of betalactam intermediates. The company developed and implemented enzymes (FERMASE NA 150, Pencillin G Acylase) for challenging conversion of 6-aminopenicillanic acid (6-APA) into amoxixillin (semi-synthetic penicillin)."


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