We are a niche protein research services company: Dr Kundu

At the helm of the company that is said to be very different than others in the CRAMS space, Dr Prabuddha Kundu, executive director, Premas Biotech believes that despite challenges, it has been able to sustain itself, owing to a robust project pipeline


Dr Prabuddha Kundu, executive director, Premas Biotech

"The global CRAMS scenario has been very competitive, complex and cyclical. We are dependent on the success of the molecule moving from research to process development and then preclinical development," says Dr Prabuddha Kundu, executive director, Premas Biotech. "Any product related or efficacy related issues of the molecule usually results in the dropping of the discovery program, which then has a domino effect on us, who are dependent on that molecule moving ahead. So, Premas has a robust pipeline of the possible projects that we are handling."

Established in 2005, the Manesar (Haryana) based Premas Biotech is a 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Contract Research And Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) organization. The uniqueness of the company within this vertical of research outsourcing is that it specializes in protein analysis and manufacturing. Over the period of time, the company has integrated thorough scientific analysis along with process know-how to accomplish its delivery of services to the customer.

Company with the difference

On being asked what makes them unique in the business, Dr Kundu says, "Delivery of services does not finish with the protein, but includes the Premas experience, that a customer undergoes which includes, customer engagement, project management, understanding customer goals and a keen eye constantly on product quality."

Giving an example, Dr Kundu goes on to add, "Premas has an internal protein expression analysis software, that is proprietary to us, and has been able to generate a lot of buzz amongst our customers. It is a very interesting scope enabling piece of analytical software. The software predicts the difficulty of the protein being expressed, issues related to structure-function, and species for expression. It is back-ended to our database of proteins delivered, and we have a high rate of prediction success. Earlier last year, a company based in East Coast, the US, challenged the prediction ability of the software, and gave us a number of sequences, whose result, they knew, and we were 100 percent correct in predicting which ones would be difficult and which ones would be easier on a relative scale. But I would be cautious in extending this logic to all proteins, but these are ways we have made the Premas experience for our customers a satisfying one."


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