ITS launches guidelines to tackle thyroid dysfunctions

The guidelines by Indian Thyroid Society endeavors to facilitate doctors to timely diagnose and manage thyroid dysfunction associated with pregnancy, dyslipidemia and depression, was launched at the 10th Annual Conference of ITSCON 2013


From L-R: Ms Susan J Mandel, professor of Medicine and Radiology, University of Pennsylvania School, Dr CS Dwarikanath, senior consultant endocrinologist, Apollo Hospital, Bangalore, Dr RV Jayakumar president, ITS consultant endocrinologist, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin, Dr Harishkumar, consultant endocrinologist and HOD, AIMS, Cochin, Dr Prasanna Kumar, CEO, Bangalore Diabetes Hospital; senior professor and head of Dept of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore

The Indian Thyroid Society (ITS) has launched three guidelines for the management of thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy, dyslipidemia and depression at the 10th Annual Conference ‘ITSCON - 2013'. These guidelines are for managing thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy to safeguard mother and child health, and for patients of depression and dyslipidemia to reduce the co-morbidities associated with thyroid disorders.

Thyroid disorders in India are characterized by a high prevalence (approximately 11 percent of adult population), minimal diagnosis, low awareness and low involvement of doctors in treatment.

The guidelines were developed by Elsevier, a global provider of scientific, technical and medical information, and endorsed by the ITS, Endocrine Society of India [ESI], Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India [FOGSI] and The Association of Physicians of India [API]. Abbott provided the financial assistance for the development of these guidelines.

On the launch of the ITS Guidelines, Dr RV Jayakumar, president, Indian Thyroid Society, professor of Endocrinology, AIMS, Cochin said, "Conditions such as depression, cardiovascular disorders, high cholesterol, obesity, osteoporosis, infertility and miscarriages are linked to thyroid disorders and these are on the rise in India. The three independent guidelines for the screening and management of thyroid dysfunction will support the medical fraternity in diagnosis and treatment. Timely diagnosis of thyroid disorders in pregnant women is important for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. In addition, the guidelines for dyslipidemia and depression offer recommendations to minimize the risk of arising complications."

Dr Mala Dharmalingam, professor and HOD of Endocrinology, MS Ramaiah Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore says, "Thyroid hormone is very important for normal functioning of the body processes. However, low production of the hormone leads to hypothyroidism indicated by fatigue, weight gain, cold chills, dry skin, heavy menstrual periods, constipation, slowed thinking, brittle nails, swelling in arms and legs and hair loss. Ignoring these symptoms can develop into serious medical conditions like heart disease, and mental health issues. Through these guidelines we can create awareness amongst the general public about symptoms related to thyroid disorders and the complications that can arise if not diagnosed and treated in time."

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