SCHOTT Glass to hold FIOLAX Academy for pharma packaging

SCHOTT Glass will organize the FIOLAX Academy for professionals interested in learning about the latest technology involving glass tubing in pharma packaging

SCHOTT Glass India is holding the next FIOLAX Academy on April 26, 2013, in Mumbai. Through this unique training event, SCHOTT offers a specialized intensive program for professionals from from the production departments, quality management, R&D and primary packing development departments of pharmaceutical companies, which can expand their knowledge about glass as basic material for primary packing.This could thus improve the quality and cost level of their own processes and products. This academy is named after SCHOTT FIOLAX glass tubing, one of the world's leading material for use in manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging.

The main objective of the program is to share latest information on composition, properties and production of high-quality pharmaceutical glass tubing. At this year's event, global experts from SCHOTT Group will share their knowledge on crucial topics for anyone who works with pharmaceuticals: drug-container interaction, hydrolytic resistance of glass containers, surface alkalinity and pH shift, extractables/leachables, protein adsorption and light protection. Special knowledge will be provided about the impact of glass on the filling processes, e.g. in avoiding breakage risks.

"After the success of the first FIOLAX Academy in Chandigarh last year, which saw the participation of more than 50 participants from pharmaceutical companies we focus on Mumbai this year. Last year's response encouraged us to increase participation," explains Mr Sundeep Prabhu, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Tubing Division, SCHOTT Glass India. "As India achieves new milestones at a record speed in this sector, secure primary packaging solutions have become all the more crucial. Through such training events, we help our partners improve their position in the domestic and international markets," he said.

SCHOTT holds FIOLAX Academy events in leading pharmaceutical markets all over the world. The program has several modules which can be tailored to specific requirements. With the academy in India, SCHOTT Glass India offers leading pharmaceutical companies there an opportunity to learn more about benefits of using high-quality primary pharmaceutical packaging made of glass.  

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Rossia 1 March 2013 at 05:14 AM

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