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Advancing life sciences research

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Advancing life sciences research

With a broad range of life science tools, technologies, and services today in its portfolio, Millipore India has made significant impact in the country.

Millipore India is one of the leading providers of cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. From research to development to production, the company's scientific expertise and solutions are aimed at helping the customers tackle complex problems and achieve their goals. Millipore India is a JV with Millipore Corporation, an S&P 500 company with more than 30,000 products and 6,100 employees in 47 countries worldwide.

Millipore India's revenue for the year 2007-08 stood at Rs 173.19 crore as compared to Rs 136.07 crore in FY 2006-07, registering close to 27 percent growth. Millipore India today provides the manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals in India its entire range of solutions from upstream to downstream processing of biologics, including cell and media supplements, advanced manufacturing solutions, process monitoring tools, filtration purification and chromatography solutions plus validation and process development services and training from the bioprocess division.

The bioscience division, in addition to the highly successful range of water purification systems and solutions for general filtration, protein research, genomics and drug discovery, extended it range to include gold standard reagents, media, cell lines and antibodies from Chemicon, Upstate and Linco. With this, Millipore offers solutions in research areas such as cardiovascular and infectious diseases, oncology, matrix biology, cytokines, neuroscience, metabolic disorders and signal transduction. The lab water purification range continues to make more breakthroughs, both in market dominance and in new innovations, according to Sudhir Kant, president, Millipore. The Milli-Q Integral with Q-Pod and E-Pod is a new breakthrough in water delivery systems. To support its customers better, Millipore India has launched a centralized customer support package, Safari.

Millipore's bioprocess validation and process development facility has established its Extractable Lab while completing the maximum number of filter validation studies in India. ''Quality solutions, cost containment, and speed to market are the key attributes in the industry today. And Biosuppliers like Millipore have led the way in making all this possible in the research, development and manufacture of biologic based medicines through world-class infrastructure, the introduction of the latest technologies, and an approach that focuses on solution selling rather than pushing products. Advanced solutions in protein engineering--monoclonal antibodies, recombinants including the award winning UCOE ( Ubiquitous Chromatin Opening Element) platform that revolutionalizes the speed by which protein therapeutics can be produced in mammalian cells, faster than any existing means, are but a few examples of innovations by biosuppliers like Millipore,'' added Sudhir Kant.

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