• 9 December 2010
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Avantor acquires RFCL

Avantor, a US-based manufacturer of chemistries and materials used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical production, has acquired Indian firm RFCL from ICICI Venture. Avantor, previously known as Mallinckrodt Baker, was acquired by an affiliate of New Mountain Capital, in August 2010. Avantor and its subsidiaries, manufacture and market high-performance chemistries and materials globally, under two well-known and respected brand names, JT Baker and Mallinckrodt Chemicals.

Headquartered in New Delhi, RFCL is a leader in laboratory reagents and consumables, as well as products for the medical diagnostics market in India. Through its Rankem division, RFCL offers over 20,000 different laboratory products to over 5,000 customers across a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, research organizations and educational institutions. RFCL’s Diagnova division offers approximately 2,000 products used by over 6,000 customers; primarily in Indian in vitro diagnostics, medical devices and life science research markets, which cater to hospitals, pathology laboratories and blood banks.

Avantor identified RFCL as an attractive target to build on its current presence in the laboratory and pharmaceutical markets in India.

Agilent, Wyss in technology deal
Agilent Technologies and Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, US, have reached an agreement to work together to develop innovative tools, technologies and instruments that will advance human health and improve the environment.

Under the multi-year agreement, Agilent will provide financial support, unique tools and materials to support Wyss’ biomaterials evolution, programmable nanomaterials and biomimetic microsystems platforms. Agilent will also contribute its technical expertise to the collaboration.

Through its collaboration with pioneers in the fields of synthetic biology and programmable nanomaterials at the Wyss Institute, Agilent aims to identify new high-value applications and challenges, as well as to advance its already powerful technological capabilities in genome engineering and nanobiotechnology.

In the emerging field of mechanobiology, this collaboration will develop new integrated force analysis and imaging capabilities that combine advanced optics and nanomechanical measurements. The goal is to provide deeper insights into the way physical forces and the mechanical properties of living tissues influence cell behavior, and contribute to the onset and progression of diseases such as cancer.

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