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DSS Imagetech thrives on research services

DSS Imagetech thrives on research services
DSS Imagetech offers latest technologies in microscopy, life sciences research, clinical diagnostics, imaging, genomics, proteomics and molecular diagnostics thus aiming to be a total solution provider.

DSS Imagetech is a major solution provider in the Indian biosuppliers market. It provides cutting-edge technology solutions to researchers and clinicians working in areas like genetics, drug discovery, and biotechnology. Its range of products and application areas include microscopy, image analysis software systems, genetic workstation, ICSI workstations, DNA probes, and microarray readers. The company recorded Rs 78.61 crore in revenues in fiscal 2008-09, compared to 68.04 crore in fiscal 2007-08. 
DSS has made a constant endeavor to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to researchers and clinicians in various fields of life sciences. The product basket extends beyond just instruments to consumables like antibodies for pathology applications, molecular biology reagents as well as DNA probes for FISH in prenatal and cancer genetics. The company has also set up a training laboratory and conducts workshops for immunohistochemistry as well as FISH for cancer genetics. The company has long standing international alliances with Olympus, Applied Imaging, Media Cybernetics, Genomic Solutions, Illumina, Ultralum, Abott Vysis and an existing customer base of over 4,000 research and clinical institutes in areas such as research and clinical pathology, molecular biology, IVF-ICSI (in-vitro fertilization), genetics, telepathology and teleradiology.
DSS provides solutions for a vast number of applications in the field of genomics including cell based assays (for cell growth and cell dispensing), gene discovery, gene ID, gene characterization, differential display, gene expression analysis, arraying, hybridization, drug discovery, compound library management, assay assembly, SNP setup, genotyping, PCR, DNA/RNA synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis, sequencing, DNA shearing, clone production and low volume sequencing.
The fiscal 2007-08 saw consumables and reagents as being the biggest growth driver for the company with Dako (pathology) Takara Clonetech (molecular biology reagents) and Abbott Molecular showing double digit growth. Viral load testing for HIV and HER2NO from Abbott for detecting breast cancer were also revenue grossing technologies. The company has installed quite a few microarrays in the last few years and has been training people in IHC and FISH technologies. The company tied up with Carestream Health that acquired Kodak imaging products and also strengthened its relationship with Beckman Coulter. 

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