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BioTek Instruments increases global presence

BioTek Instruments has announced the expansion of their global operations with new offices in China and India. "These countries are devoting major resources toward the rapid growth of their respective pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors," stated Peter Weith, vice president of marketing and sales at BioTek.

BioTek Instruments, a joint venture with Medispec India, will be based in Mumbai under the leadership of managing director, Vipul Chhatbar. Commenting on the new venture, Chhatbar noted, "Growth within the Indian sub-continent has been tremendous. The joint initiative between BioTek Instruments and Medispec India will allow us to remain a step ahead of our competition by leveraging our existing customer base with local currency and tax-free benefits."


"Green" chemistry in the scientific laboratory

Waters and Thar Instruments. have announced that they will take on new challenges to combine super critical fluid chromatography and mass spectrometry. While many labs focus on the opportunity to reduce hazardous waste disposal costs and look at "greener" and efficient alternatives to chemical analysis, Waters Corporation and Thar Instruments have entered into a new phase of their cooperative agreement first announced in 2005. The exclusive OEM agreement between the two companies now gives Thar Instruments access to Waters demonstration facilities and corporate R&D resources to meet the growing market demand for new supercritical fluid/mass spectrometry (SFC/MS) products.

"This closer strategic partnership gives us the resources that we need to develop our new SFC/MS preparative systems for mass-triggered purifications," said Dr Lalit Chordia, CEO, Thar Instruments.


Bio-Rad, QCI organize quality awareness seminar

Bio-Rad Laboratories in association with Quality Council of India (QCI), Government of India, organized a seminar on quality control (QC) in diagnostic laboratories. The seminar focused on the need for upgrading and enforcing QC practices in laboratories all over the country.

Speaking at the seminar, Dr T Venkatesh, advisor, Quality Council of India said, "Only one in 1000 labs are accredited, and this situation poses a risk to the public at large. Diagnosis is a crucial step in determining healthcare planning including medication prescription and it is imperative that we give it the attention it deserves."

The Quality Council of India is an autonomous body under the Government of India which has established and operates National Accreditation Structure for assessment bodies.

"The objective for seminars like these is to generate awareness about QC in diagnostic labs in India. Over the past few years, Bio-Rad Laboratories has worked with various regulator agencies, and like-minded associations to raise awareness on the issue," said Dhiren Wagle, country manager of Bio-Rad.Laboratories.


Continuous effluent decontamination system from Nishotech

With biotech companies booming in India and several biotech parks coming up in various parts of India, organizations have to take initiatives to tackle the problems of highly hazardous effluents coming out from the different processes as in fermentation, production, plant breeding techniques, tissue culture, cell culture, vaccine production activities, R&D activities etc.

The liquid waste from the labs BSL 1,2,3,4 should be decontaminated in a very safe manner and as per the norms of statutory bodies. To tackle these problems, Nishotech Systems has introduced a unique state-of-the-art technology, Continuous Effluent Decontamination System, in technical collaboration with French company ACTINI. It is a fully automatic, PLC-based system with CGMP design, CFR conformity and in line with the pharmaceutical guidelines and systems are available for the flow through capacity--200 to 30,000 lph-and operate by steam or electrical heating.

It is patented technology and can handle the effluents contaminated with viruses or bacteria, influenza, prions, avian flu, API, cell strains, necropsy lab drains, chemical shower drains, R&D activities, animal laboratories effluents, hospital liquid waste, hospital waste water, waste from BSL 1,2,3,4 labs in a highly secure manner. Very compact design, automatic PLC controlled cleaning cycle, adjustable thermal set points-100 to 250 degree Celsius, self contained monobloc skid, 100 percent continuous process ensures maximum productivity, low energy costs, high flexibility, low maintenance are the main features of the system. This system has been commissioned at the facilities of GSK, Novartis-Chiron, Pfizer, Galderma, CEA, OM Pharma, Sanofi Pasteur, Serono etc.

For further details contact: Sanjay Badani, director, Nishotech Systems, Ph+91 22 2778 1481 Fax-+91 22 2778 1486, sajid@nishotech.com,


Axygen Scientific launches Multi-CHOT

Axygen Scientific has launched Multi-CHOT from Nichiryo. Multi-CHOT is a cost performance workstation, excellent suit for automation of small-scale application and supports various liquid handling applications. This system is CE marked.

Multi-CHOT is the compact liquid handling tool, that is space saving and budget saving. The combination of unified "vessel adapter" and the multi position deck is the fundamental method to place all vessels and labwares on the working area. The variation of interchangeable dispense head include single disposable tip head and single washable nozzle probe. Two output ports are available to connect other equipments like microplate shaker and a vacuum pump for special application use. There is no need of PC assistance, one protocol can be stored in Multi-CHOT. The new GUI (Graphic User Interface) software "NSS prep" is a standard option and provides Multi-CHOT with more flexibility. "NSS prep" is Windows based user-friendly software to make protocols.

For details, contact: axygen@vsnl.com


Genotypic is Agilent's new certified microarray service provider

Genotypic Technology has announced that it has achieved Agilent Certified Microarray Service Provider status. Genotypic is the first Indian company to be provided the Agilent Certified Service Provider status and the first in the world to be certified for all three Agilent solutions in gene expression, aCGH and location analysis.

"Over the last two years, we hope our customers benefited from Genotypic's microarray services as much as we did. We congratulate Genotypic on expanding their portfolio to all microarray applications and providing quality microarray services to a wide spectrum of customers worldwide. Genotypic is Agilent's reliable partner and we are very satisfied with their technical strength spanning from experiment design to data analysis," said Dr Chris Tan, director for Asia Pacific, Genomics, Agilent Technologies.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Raja Mugasimangalam, president and CEO, Genotypic Technology, said, "It is our endeavor to consistently provide high quality genomics and bioinformatics solutions through continuous innovation. Our relationship with Agilent has been rewarding and one based on mutual trust. Our strength is in customizing solutions in the genomics space for our customers and our partnership with Agilent provides us with the right platform to do so. We feel honoured to be the first company in the world to be certified simultaneously for all three microarray applications."


Chemito organizes unique knowledge forum on purification solutions

Chemito Technologies Pvt Ltd along with Knauer, Germany; Technikrom, US; and Fuji, Switzerland organized unique knowledge forums to bring the latest advancement and technologies related to chromatography purifications in India in Mumbai and Bangalore.

These knowledge forums highlighted various issues faced by industries and also explained technological innovation that would empower the pharmaceutical industries, biotech industries etc. with unique instrumental solutions to cater to their current and future chromatographic purification needs.

The knowledge forum touched upon on topics like preparative chromatography, simulated moving bed, bioprocessing, PAT, peptide synthesizer, industrial purification and synthesis besides discussing case studies on cGMP processing equipment and packing material.


Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces POWERx line of X-Ray systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. launched POWERx, a new line of high-performance x-ray systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The POWERx family consists of 16 industry-leading models, which collectively are capable of inspecting products ranging from small pharmaceutical glass vials to large, multi-package cases.

"The POWERx family complements the Thermo Scientific EZx and PROx x-ray systems and significantly expands our range of x-ray capabilities by addressing our customers' most demanding applications," said Joergen Olsson, global vice president of sales for packaging products at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "With the addition of the POWERx products, we now offer a full line of tools to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality in food, beverage and pharmaceutical products."

The Thermo Scientific POWERx models utilize high-resolution detectors and sophisticated image analysis software to achieve the highest sensitivity and lowest false reject rates possible. Unique Virtual Contaminant Testing software is available to simulate various types, sizes and positions of contaminants to quickly determine how to achieve the best performance in each application. To address emerging pharmaceutical x-ray applications, select models in the POWERx family are compliant with the FDA's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21 part 11.

POWERx products are available worldwide and are backed by Thermo Fisher Scientific's leading sales, applications and services organizations.

For more information on the POWERx product line, visit www.thermo.com/food or call +91 (20) 6626 7000


Millipore offers ArthroMAB monoclonal antibody cocktail for arthritis research

Millipore has announced the availability of ArthroMAB monoclonal antibody cocktail, a kit researchers use to generate arthritis mouse models. These models are used for rapid screening and evaluation of anti-inflammatory therapeutics. ArthroMAB initiates arthritis via immune complex formation on the surface of cartilage in joints.

ArthroMAB is a cocktail of four monoclonal antibodies directed against Collagen. It rapidly induces robust arthritis in all four paws of a variety of mouse strains (e.g., Balb/C–CIA resistant, DBA/1, B10.RIII). Compared to the traditional collagen induced arthritis (CIA) model, the ArthroMAB kit (which includes antibody cocktail and bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), induces severe arthritis in mice within days instead of weeks and allows researchers to test far fewer animals since the incidence of arthritis is nearly 100 percent. Furthermore, synchronized disease onset between mice reduces treatment schedules and simplifies assessment studies, when compared to other arthritis models.

For details, visit www.millipore.com

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