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Food & Beverage Focus 2009 to discuss Biotechnology applications in the sector

Food & Beverage Focus 2009 to discuss Biotechnology applications in the sector
The use of biotechnology (BT), which initially was employed in the traditional food processing sector in the form of home-made fermented cheese and yoghurt, is now one of the frontline technologies in food and beverage and dietary supplements sectors. Resultantly, several food and supplement segments have transformed into high value markets. Diverse technologies such as gene modification, transfer, in-vitro vegetative propagation of plants, to name a few, have been used in agriculture in order to improve crop yield and create disease resistant variants.

Food & Beverage Focus 2009, to be held on July 24 at Intercontinental the Lalit in Mumbai, will he plunging into such topics surrounding the biotechnology trends, associated safety hazards and leveraging BT in the industry. The event is being organised by Frost & Sullivan and the theme would be "Biotechnology applications in F&B sector and dietary supplements sector."

Biotechnology is being extended to the processed food and dietary supplements sector with the objective to improve quality, yield, and efficiency of end products. With the increase in demand for functional / value-added foods, beverages and supplements in India, BT plays an important role in accelerating the segment through invention of key functional ingredients such as enzymes,amino acids, vitamins, Omega-3, probiotics, prebiotics, etc.

The idea of this summit is to bring together industry players in the food and beverage and dietary supplements industry across the entire value chain to discuss key issues and developments.

This knowledge sharing platform by Frost & Sullivan will provide an opportunity to discuss current developments/trends in the food, beverage and dietary supplements sectors. The summit will provide an ideal platform for food processors to interact with key decision-makers in the value chain.

The industry players could benefit by leveraging new technologies and gaining insights into the future growth and scope of biotechnical dvances. The discussion would lay special emphasis on customer requirements and anticipated product developments in the market Innovation and global trends would be another area of discussion.

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