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Biotech brunch menu

Biotech brunch menu

Biotech brunch menu

In a tradition started last year at the BIO convention, over 500 mediapersons who had assembled to cover the world's largest biotech event, were given a special biotech brunch served on plates manufactured from bioplastics.

The menu:

Egg Beaters: Chive & Onion

This product uses yeast extracts to enhance spices added to the egg products. Egg Beaters is an alternative product to eating "real" eggs which meets nutritional trends because they are nearly cholesterol free and low in fat, carbs and calories but high in proteins. It serves consumers looking for "flavored" egg-alternative products with some unique flavor profiles and better taste.

Tillamook cheese and Land O'Lakes cheddar cheese

This product uses cultures of microbes and enzyme coagulants to make cheese from milk.

Boca dinner sausages

This product uses yeast extracts to add and enhance a pork flavor profile and to mask the soy that is added to make these vegetarian foods.

Maple flavored sausage

Maltodextrins made from starch by enzymes improve texture and moisture qualities for products like the maple flavored sausage.

Home Pride bread

This product uses enzymes as the antioxidants to extend shelf life and allow for fresher taste.


This product uses yeast extracts to enhance taste, and create greater variety of flavor profiles for the potato chips.

Pre-sweetened cereal and chocolate chip granola bars

Through the action of enzymes, corn syrups and high fructose corn syrup are made by breaking starch into simple sugar compounds and high-intensity sweeteners.

Cottage cheese

This product uses essential starter cultures of microbes in the beginning stages of cottage cheese production.

Hormel glazed ham and glazed beef tips

Corn syrups and high fructose corn syrup are made by breaking starch into simple sugar compounds and high intensity sweeteners through the action of enzymes for glazes on some fully cooked products.


Enzymes improve juice yield and improve clarity of fruit juices

Biota water

Bioto spring water is the world's first bottled beverage packaged in a commercially compostable plastic bottle. Biota's bottle is made form a 100 percent renewable resource, corn

Sportex Peptide Pro

Pepto Pro provides protein in small peptide chains which the body needs for fast recovery after exercise. The peptide chains allow for fast breakdown and absorption. By creating this clear, ready to drink, non-bitter, tasty alternative to powders, bitter protein shakes and less effective sports drinks, SportexPro is creating the next wave of muscle recovery sports drinks.


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