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"Right team, commitment to work bring success"

-Anuradha Acharya, CEO, Ocimum Biosolutions, Hyderabad

Perseverance and flexibility helped Anuradha achieve success and her company, Ocimum Biosolutions, acquired three international companies

Q What has been your formula for success?
Having the right team in place and being very involved and committed to business is my formula for success.

Q What are the business strategies that led to the growth of Ocimum Biosolutions?
During the initial stages, having the right processes in place is very important for the growth of a company. One must make sure that the process is followed to perfection. And one should also be quick enough to reorient, if processes are not bearing fruit.

Q What are your professional goals for the future?
My professional growth is related to the progress of my company. My prime goal is to take Ocimum to the next level and/or expand in multiple areas. Right now, we are genomic-focused. We have been working in integrating what we have - from software to hardware to services. The next level would be to acquire competencies in newer areas like clinical or preclinical. That will enhance our capabilities as a clinical research organization. Building further on it would be - generating intellectual property.

Q Could you share your learning with other women who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs?
As an entrepreneur, I feel a person should never forget the basics of running a business. Firstly, one should create a business that is

Q What are your aspirations for Ocimum Biosolutions?
We want to be a premier R&D outsourcing company. I want Ocimum to achieve 444 crore ($100 million) revenue target in the next three years. To achieve that, we would look into a couple of acquisitions.

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