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We would try to match the students with appropriate colleges and universities in the US

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"We would try to match the students with appropriate colleges and universities in the US"

Jackson Blair Consultants (JBC) provides high level human resource consulting to executives, both individual and corporate, in the international arena. JBC, formerly known as Life Management, was founded by Dr Jackson Blair who holds BA and MBA degrees and a PhD awarded by UK-based Warnborough University honoris causa. In an interview, Dr Blair speaks about the services his company offers.

How can JBC help Indian students seeking higher education in the biotech arena in the US?

We do not specialize in biotech. That said, we would try to match the students with appropriate colleges and universities in the US. We would go about this by reviewing and analyzing their preparation and their stated career and educational goals. We would contact colleges and universities that seem best suited to these goals and determine the degree of interest in the student as an applicant. If encouraged, we would then work with the student to prepare the necessary papers for admission. Once admitted, we would help the students in making their travel plans to the US, securing accommodation (if not living on campus) and we would offer guardianship services if desired by the students. The guardianship services help students handle difficulties that arise with immigration, legal problems, medical problems, or disciplinary issues at the school. Essentially, we act as local guardians and help the student or the family handle emergencies and make decisions. There are fees for all of these services and the fee structure depends on the depth of involvement for JBC.

Do you also help in placement of students?

We use our executive coaching model in helping place students. We take an approach not dissimilar from that outlined in finding the right college or university when we look for the best "fit" for a career move. The first job is an important first step in any career and many students fail to properly structure and execute this process. Many students will receive excellent assistance from the Career Planning and Placement Office of their college or university. For those wanting that "extra advantage", we would consider assisting them in their identification and selection of a first job. We do not accept all students for this service. We would be most interested in an ongoing working and coaching relationship with the student as they progress through their career. Our organization was previously called Life Management. Essentially, that is the approach we take to career planning.

Are you planning a similar initiative for other countries in the Asia Pacific region?

Our clients are not country-specific. We work with individuals in the areas of private school, college or university placement. We then work with individuals as they build their careers. One of our senior consultants served as assistant dean and director of career planning and placement for the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. He would be involved with our clients in this type of consulting. I was a member of the Professional Development Committee for the College Placement Council of the United States. I also offer consultation services in this area.

Do you help students with financial assistance for their studies (life sciences segment) in the US?

We would assist students in applying for financial aid at their chosen US college or university. Sometimes the paperwork is daunting. As part of our coaching effort, we would work through that with the student or the student's family.

We can also arrange study trips for students so that the long vacation periods typical of private school, undergraduate and graduate schools in the US can be productive. These are individually arranged, and occasionally guided, tours throughout the US. We also offer a Global Adventure Program in partnership with Outward Bound South Africa which is a three-week outdoor experiential educational program that includes community service.

Rolly Dureha


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