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Pooja Lab Equipments offers incubator shakers

Pooja Lab Equipments offers incubator shakers

Pooja Lab Equipments offers incubator shakers

Pooja Lab Equipments offers orbital shaking incubator with cooling and heating in different models. The orbital incubator shakers incorporate design features that operates quiet, maintenance-free shaking under in liquid medium with agitation under controlled temperature, growing cultures of micro-organisms, tissue cells and incubation of various enzymatic assays. All models features precision microprocessor based controls and efficient mechanical air convection for exceptional uniformity and control of temperature. Shakers incorporate brushless AC motors for prolong maintenance-free operation with AC drive. Threaded holes are provided on the universal shaking platform for fixing interchangeable lotus clamps for fixing different capacities of conical flasks. Interiors are corrosion resistance 304 SS and exterior is powder coated MS. All around the inner insures absolute insulation and energy conservation.

Standard heating elements deliver long life heating and automatic over temperature safety limit prevents excessive temperature and possible damage to precious specimen or equipment. Uniform air distribution system sweeps the chamber walls to ensure constancy of chamber environment providing gentle airflow in the product area. Cooling system with hermetically sealed powerful compressor using latest CFC-FREE refrigeration technology. The unit is suitable for operation on 230 V, 50Hz, AC single phase and ambient temperature up to 37ºC supplied without clamps and illumination.

For details, contact: poojalab@vsnl.com


Thermal cycler systems from Quanta Biotech

Quanta Biotech offers three ranges of thermal cycler - the QB-24 Personal Thermal Cycler, the QB-96 Gradient Thermal Cycler and the fully automated Auto-Q Server and Satellite Thermal Cyclers. All Quanta's Thermal Cycler models are available in Server and Satellite formats.

The server models can control up to three satellites in a mini USB network. The network can be expanded from 1-4 cyclers at any time providing flexible, cost effective and space saving solutions to fulfil any research laboratory need.

Alternatively up to 15 satellites of any model can be driven directly from a PC providing mixed networks of manual and fully automated units with throughputs sufficient to satisfy the most demanding genome factory requirements including full robot integration where required.

For details, visit www.technoconcept-india.com


TAKE Solution launches Submit SPL software

Chennai-based TAKE Solution recently launched Submit SPL software. The software helps biopharmaceutical companies to easily manage XML data conversion to be compliant with the Structured Product Labeling (SPL) standard of the US FDA. TAKE's robust submit solution quickly converts the product information from any traditional format to the SPL standard-based XML format (used for submission) and also to PDF format for printing and viewing.

The Submit SPL software also helps pharmaceutical companies mitigate the several potential risks associated with non-compliance of FDA regulations. The software's advanced publishing features and reusable components of product information make it possible to automatically publish package inserts, prescribing information, labels, product web sites and promotional material.

The Submit SPL introduces efficiency in all elements of the data processing activity such as authoring, reviewing, approval, and publishing, and enhances the productivity of the authors and eliminates errors. Additionally, with Submit SPL, users are already ready to meet the future regulatory standards such as Product Information Management, which is being developed by EMEA.

For details, contact: neera@takescm.com


GenomePlex Single Cell WGA Kit from Sigma-Aldrich

Sigma-Aldrich has launched GenomePlex Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) Kit. The new GenomePlex Single Cell WGA Kit supports whole genome amplification from a single cell, resulting in a million-fold amplification yielding microgram quantities of genomic DNA. Providing researchers with a product to amplify genomic DNA from a single cell will help to advance cancer research, genetic profiling and preimplantation genetic diagnostics. The GenomePlex Single Cell WGA Kit will ease the concerns of limited patient source material and provide sufficient DNA for downstream studies. This kit is the latest addition to the GenomePlex whole genome amplification family of products.

The GenomePlex Single Cell WGA Kit can be used in numerous applications, and is suitable for use with a variety of cells, including fibroblast amniotic cells, renal cancer cells, plant, epithelial, leukemia, and polycarbonate fixed cells. After purification, amplified DNA can be analyzed in a manner similar to any genomic or chromosomal DNA sample. A number of downstream applications may be performed, including QPCR, STR analysis, SNP analysis, Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH), micro arrays, and other genotyping analysis.

For details, contact: smohamed@sial.com

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