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BT Parks - North


The Bt park in Rajasthan will be the focal point of technological innovation for knowledge-based biotechnology enterprises.

As part of the mandate of the Department of Science and Technology to implement the directives of Biotechnology Policy of Rajasthan, DST intends to establish a Biotechnology Park at Jaipur in a land piece of approximately 50 acres. This park will be established with the aim to promote biotech entrepreneurs and to bring biotech investment in Rajasthan by providing incubation facility at Park.

Implementation Methodology:

The park will provide built up space for biotechnology based any organization which is conducting research in life science, training, manufacturing including bioinformatics, pre clinical and clinical studies or any similar allied activities. The project will be implemented through selected vendor based on the report prepared by the Consultant on BOT/BOOM/PPP basis. Base work for establishment of Biotechnology Park through PPP model is being worked out, at higher level.

The Biotechnology Park will have following objectives:

  • To be the focal point of technological innovation for knowledge-based biotechnology enterprises and to provide sustainable linkages between the industry, research institutions and academia

  • The park will be a biotech cluster being planned by the Rajasthan government. It would support biotech units with common infrastructure. It may comprise eight to nine biotech incubators in first phase, covering a total area of 50 acre. The cluster will involve an investment of around Rs50.00 crore.

  • The infrastructure support would be comprehensive, right from advance computing facilities to treated water necessary for biotech research. The incumbents of park would pay for the infrastructure services.

The probable areas of activities and incubation facilities may include:

  • In initial phase incubation facilities may be provided for tissue culture, Bio-fertilizer, extraction and distillation units, vermicomposting units.

  • Facilities enabling work in the areas of immuno-diagnostics, recombinant therapeutics, industrial enzymes, and basic facilities including laboratory benches, water, power and drainage.

  • Genomics Unit: Aims to make high-end and sophisticated genetic marker-based screening tools accessible to everyone at an affordable price. More specifically, it may:
    (i) develop and commercialize low cost in situ synthesized custom microarrays (ii) conduct research to extend its portfolio of commercializable molecular biology techniques relevant for developing nations, (iii) develop and commercialize a hand-held point-of-care real-time PCR device (Gene Analyzer), (iv) provide services and products related to microbial diagnostic biochips, and (v) provide hands on training in emerging areas such as micro arrays, molecular biology, bio-informatics, and nanotechnology.

  • Health Care center may be established for setting up a unit for testing and development of Diagnostic Kit

  • A state of art facility may be developed for the production of plants by tissue culture method. Economically important plants of Rajasthan and floriculture may be developed through tissue culture techniques which make them most viable under drought conditions of Rajasthan.

  • A GMP stem cell facility for cell based therapeutics.

  • Incubation may be developed for manufacturing equipment and instruments for bio-processing business.

  • Incubation facility may be developed for undertaking R&D, product development, process development, scale-up, pilot plant and production for commercialization of new biotech products for health use including therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines.

  • Biotech Services, may be setup for Human DNA Bank, and setting up of Umbilical Cord Blood Bank.

  • The Biotechnology company at Biotech Park may focus on plant biotechnology proposes to produce biopharmaceuticals of non-therapeutic use.

Future Plans

State Government will lay main emphasis on establishment of biotech units like:

  • Micro-propagation of tissue culture plant varieties which are economically viable for Rajasthan, drought and salinity resistant.

  • R & D units of pharma industry and live stock base research.

  • Human DNA bank centre for DNA based identification system.

  • Vermicompost / bio-fertilizer units

  • R & D units taking up Camel milk and Camel products, working on medicinal value of Camel milk.


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