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Eppendorf introduces new standard in automated pipetting

Eppendorf has introduced four new PC-integrated models of epMotion automated pipetting systems, setting new standards for simplicity and convenience for every lab. With epMotion, any manual pipetting function can be automated-quickly, easily and precisely. epMotion is easy to operate because of the epBlue, the PC software for all models in the series. It features clear and simple functions for pipetting, as well as menus that guide the researchers through their applications with ease. It might make all users to become automation experts in less than a day.

For details, contact: anthoni.jk@eppendorf.co.in


Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces New -86°C freezers

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced its new Thermo Scientific Revco PLUS –86°C upright freezers. The Thermo Scientific Revco PLUS freezers are designed for high performance and are suited for all laboratories that require maximum temperature recovery, operational efficiency and a comfortable, productive environment.

The new Revco PLUS upright freezers provide maximum heat removal capacity to ensure rapid temperature recovery after door openings. The freezers consume less power to properly maintain cabinet temperature, which reduces heat emissions into the lab environment, meaning that the new Revco PLUS freezers minimize air conditioning costs and maximize operational efficiencies. The three unique models: Revco Value PLUS, Revco Elite PLUS and Revco Ultima PLUS, also provide users with varying levels of monitoring, reporting and alarms. Programmable, easy-to-use microprocessor controls provide real-time visibility and precise set points for temperature, power and other critical parameters, further ensuring the security of samples.

Advanced noise abatement technology and insulation minimize noise output enabling these advanced –86°C freezers to easily reside directly in the lab, creating a more productive and efficient work environment.

For details, contact: vinod.barot@thermofisher.com


BioTek launches ELx50 filter microplate washer

BioTek Instruments has expanded its popular microplate washing product line with the launch of the ELx50 Filter Microplate Washer (FMW). Based on BioTek's automated 8-channel ELx50 strip washer, the ELx50 FMW features a syringe drive fluid-delivery system with an automated vacuum filtration solution for unattended processing of 96-well filter bottom plates.

The ELx50 FMW automates the process for consistent wash performance with improved CVs. Its unique aspiration carrier may be adjusted for optimal performance with a variety of filter pore sizes from 0.45 µm to 1.2 µm, fluid viscosities and plate designs. These features are important during vacuum filtration-to-waste processes such as PCR cleanup after DNA amplification, and especially valuable when using multiplex microsphere assay technology.

For details, contact: ChhatbarV@BioTek.in


Millipore introduces NovaSeptum

Millipore Corporation has introduced the new NovaSeptum AV accurate volume system designed to meet the challenges of aseptic and sterile sampling in the production of today's high-value biotherapeutic products. The ability to accurately sample small volumes with minimal waste of valuable drug product improves final product yield.

The NovaSeptum AV system is a closed, accurate sampling system that enables production personnel to obtain small-volume product samples easily and efficiently without the risk of cross contamination. Consecutive individual small-volume samples for immediate in-process testing or distribution to appropriate QC personnel for testing can be obtained. This level of accurate sampling eliminates the aliquoting step, further reducing the risk of cross contamination. The NovaSeptum syringe can also be stored until sample testing is required.

For details, visit www.millipore.com/bioprocess

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