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Aventis Pharma

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Aventis Pharma

No.1 in anti-rabies market

Aventis Pharma leads the anti-rabies market in India. It has also carved a niche for itself in the insulin market.

Aventis Pharma clocked a total biotech revenue sales of Rs 105 crore in 2007-2008 as against the sales of Rs 119.65 crore in 2006-2007. Targeted therapeutic areas for Aventis Pharma include oncology, cardiovascular disease/thrombosis, central nervous system, metabolic disorders and the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. It has also been leading in the anti-rabies vaccines market. It markets anti-rabies vaccines under the brand Rabipur which figures among the top 100 brands of the retail market. On the domestic front, however, in 2007, there were short supplies of Rabipur, which led to a drop in the total growth of domestic sales which clocked 6.82 percent. In 1997, Aventis entered into a joint venture with Chiron Corporation (now Norvatis Vaccines and Diagnostics) to form a JV company, Chiron Behring Vaccines, whereby Aventis was given the exclusive rights to distribute and market Rabipur in India and Nepal.

Another leading brand which contributed to the growth this fiscal was Lantus. The world's first once daily insulin glargine, Lantus, had an impressive growth of 64 percent in the year. It is now the fifth largest insulin in India and has a market share of 6.1 percent in its category. Lantus is expected to register an 80 percent growth in the current fiscal. Also in a continuous effort in the field of diabetes, a world class Autopen 24 in a starter pack in three cartridges was launched. Amaryl, which is an oral anti-diabetic, had a 4.4 percent share in the oral anti-diabetic market. The oncology business unit also showed a growth of 3 percent. Other products in the portfolio include Cardace, Lasix Cordarone (cardiology), Plavix and Clexane (thrombosis), Taxotere, Granocyte (oncology) and Targocid, Cefrom, Tavanic, Tarivid (anti-infectives).

Aventis conducted a large observational study in 2007, with around 10,000 patients evaluating effect of the change of the insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes patients whose blood sugar was not under control with the existing insulin therapy. The study involved 800 doctors. Also another observational study was implemented with about 200 doctors to observe the management of myocardinal infarction and usage of anti-thrombotics. Another observation study with Cardace was implemented in which management of patients who are at high risk of cardiovascular events in real life settings was evaluated.

In November 2007, Aventis also launched a combination vaccine, Pentaxim in the Indian market. Pentaxim is a combination of five different vaccines -- tetanus vaccine, diphtheria vaccine, Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b) vaccine, inactivated polio vaccine and acellular pertussis vaccine. This combination vaccine has a very high protective efficacy against five childhood diseases.

Aventis is planning to launch line extensions of some products during 2008. It is also looking at penetrating into tier-II cities by focusing on anti-infectives and has a target of launching three products this year.


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