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Novozymes South Asia

Novozymes South Asia drives the enzymes business in the Indian subcontinent.

Enzymes Maestro

Enzymes Maestro

Novozymes South Asia drives the enzymes business in the Indian subcontinent.

Novozymes is a leading player in the biotech-based enzymes and microorganisms segment. The company focuses on biological solutions to improve the performance of industrial enzymes. Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd, located in Bangalore, focuses on the enzymes business in the Indian subcontinent. It is a sales and marketing office with a strong technical service portfolio.

Novozymes, which has been in India from 1983, has over the years, become a dominant player. It has been growing consistently at close to 20 percent, according to industry sources. The company in 2005-06 is estimated to have done a total business of Rs 83 crore from enzymes, recording a growth of 24 percent over that in 2004-05, which was estimated at Rs 69 crore. Novozymes' market domination is not just because it carries over 600 products and is part of a global leader, but because it offers a strong technical service, though it is a sales and marketing office in India. Novo Nordisk and Biocon today account for 50 percent of the total enzymes business in India. Its focus is on enzyme applications in brewing, winemaking, juice, protein hydrolysis, animal feed, starch and detergent industries.

Novozymes worldwide sales in 2005 stood at Rs 4,966 crore, an increase of 5 percent on 2004. Europe, the Middle East and Africas generated 44 percent of this revenue, while Asia-Pacific contributed nearly 20 percent. The Indian subcontinent business of Novozymes is estimated to account for nearly 1.67 percent share of its total global business and roughly represents 8.4 percent share of the Asia-Pacific region's business.

Enzymes and microorganisms for industrial use is its focus. While enzymes account for 95 percent of the business, 5 percent comes from microorganisms. It is into all three categories of industrial enzymes-technical enzymes, food enzymes, and feed enzymes. Technical enzymes include products for the detergent industry, the starch, textile, fuel ethanol, pharmaceutical, leather and forest products industries, and various smaller industries. Food enzymes include products for the baking industry, the brewing, beverage alcohol, fruit juice and wine industries and other food industries such as the dairy industry and the oils and fats industry. The industrial microorganisms business area includes sales of microorganisms for aquaculture, wastewater treatment, cleaning and biological plant care.

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