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South catches up with the west

ƒÝ South and west, both claim 44 percent market share each
ƒÝ South region improves its share over last year by five percent
ƒÝ Gujarat tops in attracting investments

The south region has caught up with the west, improving its share in the overall Indian biotech industry to 44.22 percent in 2010-11 from 39 percent in 2009-10. It is slightly above the west region¡¦s share of 43.60 percent. Top 10 companies in the south have contributed `4,816.47 crore (27 percent) of the total biotechnology industry revenue, while Top 10 companies from west have about 21.17 percent of the total industry contributing `3,651.25 crore. Biocon from the south region continued to retain its position as the No. 1 biotechnology company with `1,480 crore followed by Serum Institute of India from west with `1,041 crore. The north region with `2,100.66 crore has 12.18 percent share in the overall industry. In terms of number of companies, south continued its dominance with 175 companies, while west has 139 companies and north is still to cross 50 figure mark. It had 48 companies.

In south, Karnataka is one of the active states focusing much on biotechnology. To support the biotech industry, Karnataka government has finally signed an agreement with Alexandria Equities Management (India) for developing Bangalore Helix, a biotechnology park built on public-private partnership on 56 acres of land in Bangalore. The park built at a cost of `500 crore will come up in a record two-year time and the construction will commence from October 2011. Karnataka has signed MoU with two companies during Global Investor¡¦s Meet in June 2010 ¡X HPCL and Nandan Biomatrix, which will be investing about `557 crore and `96 crore, respectively on Green R&D centre and Bio Investment Eco Industrial Zone.

Karnataka is also planning to start sector specific parks¡Xagri-biotech park in Dharwad (with the University of Agricultural Sciences), a marine park in Mangalore (with the State Fisheries Department), a veterinary park at Bidar (with the Veterinary University) and a nutraceuticals and pharma products park in Mysore (along with the Central Food Technological Research Institute).

In Andhra Pradesh, Lepakshi Knowledge Hub is setting up Lepakshi Knowledge Park in Hyderabad. It is spread on 700 acres of land with R&D labs, pilot plants focusing on sectors such as healthcare, pharma, biotech, medical devices and healthcare delivery. Lonza, the leading supplier to the life science industry is also setting up its R&D facility in 26 acres, in Andhra Pradesh. Sri Biotech is coming up with `30 crore project, focused on agri-biotech research in Andhra Pradesh.

During the year, Tamil Nadu government proposed to set up a marine biotechnology park near Mahabalipuram, in about 300 acres. At the same time, the state is in the process of setting up a biotechnology core facility at TICEL Bio-Park II at a cost of `19.30 crore. The facility would provide scientific and incubation support to the biotech industry.

In north, during the year, Mayar Biotech SEZ located at Gurgaon stepped-up its efforts to attract biotech companies. An Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) was also inaugurated at Gurgaon to promote research and focus on public-private partnerships. Initially, three projects in the biotechnology space have been taken up.

Besides, Lucknow Biotech Park has also taken many initiatives to promote the agri-biotech sector in the region. The work at biotech parks at three locations ¡X Sitapura-Jaipur, Chpanki-Bhiwadi and Borandi in Rajasthan ¡X has also witnessed progress, and is expected to attract investors in coming times. The year saw Himachal Biotech Park getting clearance from the state government and assistance from the central government. The 200 crore biotech park coming up on 35 acre land near Nalagarh in Solan district is expected boost the employment and other financial requirements of the region besides attracting the investors from India and abroad.

In the west, government of Gujarat has signed a total of 35 biotechnology related MoUs during ¡§Vibrant Gujarat-Global Investors Meet,¡¨ in January 2011, with investment commitment of around `5,858 crore, spread over coming five-to-six years. Nectar Life Science India, a Chandigarh-based company, is making a whopping investment of around `3,500 crore in two phases, in the state, in predominantly biotech projects and into production of vitamins and co-enzymes. In addition to medium-to-large companies, another 14 companies, have committed an average investment of `9-10 crore. Some of these companies are Dos Advanced Agro-Biotech, Phyto-concentrates, Gujarat Agroland, Centurion Labs, Biotron, Poshak Bioresearch, Sabre Machinery.

Besides, promotion and support from the state governments, the Department of Biotechnology is stepping-up efforts to promote the biotech R&D activities in North East Region, which is one of the world¡¦s biodiversity hotspots.

Top Companies in West
Revenue in
` Crore
% Share

% Share in

1 Serum Institute of India 1041.00 13.84 6.04
2 Reliance Life Sciences* 490.00 6.52 2.84
3 Mahyco* 364.90 4.85 2.12
4 Transasia 350.00 4.65 2.03
5 Ankur Seeds 325.00 4.32 1.88
6 Krishidhan Seeds 276.13 3.67 1.60
7 Bharat Serums 226.00 3.00 1.31
8 Siro Clinpharm* 202.00 2.69 1.17
9 Cadila Healthcare* 190.59 2.53 1.10
10 Tulip Group 185.63 2.47 1.08
Top 10 West 3651.25 48.55 21.17
Total West 7521.00 100.00 43.60

Top Companies in South
Revenue in
` Crore
% Share

% Share in
1 Biocon 1483.00 19.44 8.60
2 Nuziveedu Seeds 610.00 8.00 3.54
3 Quintiles India* 476.25 6.24 2.76
4 NovoNordisk 462.00 6.06 2.68
5 Rasi Seeds 371.88 4.88 2.16
6 Syngene International 318.00 4.17 1.84
7 Bharat Biotech * 298.34 3.91 1.73
8 Indian Immunologicals 283.00 3.71 1.64
9 Shantha Biotech* 272.00 3.57 1.58
10 Novozymes South Asia * 242.00 3.17 1.40
Top 10 South
Total South

Top Companies in North
Rank Company Revenue in ` Crore % Share
in Region
% Share in
1 Panacea Biotec 928.41 44.20 5.38
2 Jubilant Life Sciences 210.00 10.00 1.22
3 EliLilly 204.00 9.71 1.18
4 RFCL (Diagnova) 103.00 4.90 0.60
5 Max Neeman International 48.04 2.30 0.28
Top 5 North 1493.81 71.11 8.66
Total North 2100.66 100.00 12.18

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