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Indianimmunologicalsltdk MD: KV Balasubramaniam

Expansion mode

Having firmly established in the animal vaccine space, Indian Immunologicals is strengthening its position in the human health
The last fiscal year saw Indian Immunolgicals (IIL) achieve revenues of over 282.23 crore from animal and human vaccines and therapeutics. IIL achieved a major milestone when Raksha-Ovac, its flagship brand crossed the 100 crore sales mark. It's the first brand from India in the animal health care sector to achieve this feat. Currently, IIL has the capacity to produce 250 million doses of Raksha Ovac, a Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) vaccine for cattle, making it the third largest facility in the world for FMD vaccines.

Abhayrab, IIL's indigenously developed brand of rabies vaccine, hit the 90 crore mark this year, leading to the overall growth of the company. IIL was the second company in the world to launch a purified Vero cell rabies vaccine.

The Brucellosis vaccine for the disease that affects cattle, buffalo, pigs, and other animals brought in revenues worth 60 crore. IIL is planning to make a further investment of 500 crore over the next few years into the plant at Karkapatla, Andhra Pradesh for further production activities.

IIL is now accelerating its activities in the human vaccine realm to gain further market share. A number of innovative vaccine initiatives have been started, which include the indigenously developed Salmonella vectored cervical cancer vaccine against Human Papilloma virus. The vaccine which will be delivered orally, will soon enter clinical trials.

IIL has collaborated with an organization from USA on a live attenuated virus vaccine for Chikungunya. Similarly, IIL is also developing a cell culture-based Japanese Encephalitis vaccine which is considered safer than the current culture system used. IIL also hopes to launch it's brand of indigenously developed pentavalent vaccine into the market soon.

Other neglected diseases that IIL is working on include certain infections caused in humans by parasites such as hook worm and porcine cysticercosis (Taenia solium), work for which is in early stages of development. IIL continues to follow an integrated model for animal welfare by providing animal vaccines along with other therapeutics, medicines, nutrition, veterinary health services and cattle feed. Hence, this year, IIL saw tremendous growth of over 100 percent in these allied services while earning over 30 crore. Both vaccines and therapeutics have jointly contributed towards this year's earnings where these therapeutics have shown a steady growth.

Key Achievements Performance highlights Key strategy initiatives Future plans
  • IIL will soon set up a facility for producing 500 million doses of FMD vaccine.
  • Vaccines for Chikungunya and Japanese Encephalitis and an oral cervical vaccine to enter into clinical trials by the next year.
  • Raksha-Ovac, the flagship brand of the company became the first animal health brand in India to cross 100 cores sales mark.
  • Abhayrab, IIL' s indigenously developed brand of rabies vaccine, hit the 90 crore mark
  • IIL is also planning to make a further investment of 500 crore over the next few years for increasing its capacities.
  • Hopes to launch indigenously developed pentavalent vaccine this year.
  • For FY 2012-13 the company plans to achieve sales of 460 crore.
  • IIL hopes to capitalize on the introduction of new animal and human vaccines and exports over the next year.

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