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Intervet India

With an extensive range of high value-added products for farmers and veterinarians, Intervet India is a leader in the animal health market

Animal Health Promoter

Animal Health Promoter

With an extensive range of high value-added products for farmers and veterinarians, Intervet India is a leader in the animal health market

Intervet India's biotech sales stood at Rs 65.52 crore of the total sales of Rs 84 crore for the calendar year 2005. Intervet India' offers a range of products comprising biologicals (livestock, companion, poultry live and inactivated), therapeutics (antiprotozoan, antibiotic, ectoparaciticides, endoparaciticides, suppotives), productive hormones and feed additives, covering dogs, cats, pigs, camels, poultry, cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

Intervet India is the largest multinational in India dedicated to animal healthcare. Intervet India is the result of autonomous growth and subsequent mergers of well-known and leading companies like Hoechst RousselVet (HRVet), Intercare and BAIF's Animal Health Division. Intervet India Pvt Ltd was established in 1997 in Hyderabad with poultry vaccines, canine products and fertility hormones. In 1999, the International merger between HRVet and Intervet International resulted in the merger between HRVet India and Intervet India in the year 2000. In 2004, it shifted base to Pune and extended its production and supporting operations for the biological segments.

Intervet India has a manufacturing and R&D site in Pune for FMD, other veterinary biologicals, pharmaceuticals and feed additives. Its operations in Pune are part of Intervet International's network and hence the company has access to the latest technology. Intervet India complies with Indian and International standards like WHO and GMP and is ISO 9001 certified. Distribution of Intervet's products takes place through a network of 20 agents ensuring cold chain maintenance and subsequent distribution through 900 distributors. It also exports its products to other countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. It has become a partner in government livestock improvement programs like FMD Eradication. It has over a 100 technically well-trained field employees supporting farmers and veterinarians in disease prevention and livestock improvement.

Intervet India responded to an urgent plea for help from the government of India after an outbreak of foot and mouth disease threatened to devastate livelihoods on the tsunami-ravaged Andaman Islands.

In December 2005 Intervet signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to exclusively supply veterinary products and to set up a livestock disease diagnostic and healthcare center for a special project in India to support rural families. The company has entered into a partnership with Indian NGO, BAIF Development Research Foundation, where in Intervet India will provide products to BAIF, which will make them available to small-scale farmers via their extensive network of dairy cattle breeding centers (CBC). A number of livestock disease diagnostic centers will also be established. BAIF and Intervet India (part of Intervet International) will work together to improve disease management and productivity at the rural level and promote livestock healthcare awareness. The partnership will offer self-employed farmers in remote villages access to vital veterinary products at a fair price. The agreement with BAIF will begin with a three-month trial in Gujarat and Karnataka, where around 2,50,000 families will have access to Intervet India's livestock range, including vaccines and anti-infectives. Once the trial is over, an evaluation and fine-tuning will take place. The project will then be extended nationwide to cover all the CBCs.

Considering the initiatives taken by Intervet India in the welfare of the local community, The Netherlands-based Akzo Nobel, its parent company has awarded it with its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Award in recognition of its involvement and dedication to the local community in 2005. Intervet India was lauded for the diversity and sheer scale of its involvement in the local community which included free FMD vaccination for 8,000 animals around Intervet's premises, the donation of computers and furniture to local schools, recycling water to overcome water shortages and the children's helmet project to encourage parents make their children use helmets while riding pillion.

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