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"The growth of analytical business in India is more than 15 percent annually"

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"The growth of analytical business in India is more than 15 percent annually"

-Dr G Ramakrishnan, president, IAIA and managing director, Thermo Electron LLS India

When was the Indian Analytical Instruments Association (IAIA) set up and what is its mandate?

The IAIA was set up in 1996 by a few leading members of the analytical instruments industry in India with an idea of creating an organization which is a non-profit body to take care of the general interests of the members of the organization in taking up some of the issues related to doing business with the government bodies such as ernest money deposit, bank guarantee and other stringent formalities. The organization also wants to bring up with the government the issues regarding the customs duty of the analytical instruments.

What are some of the key things that IAIA is doing to promote the industry?

One of the main activities has been bringing the analytical instrument exhibition to various cities in India and also a scientific conference on analytical instruments. The initial few exhibitions and conference were held in Mumbai and later on for the last three exhibitions and conference IAIA collaborated with Messe Munchen to bring in the internationally reputed Analytica exhibition in the name of analytica Anacon. This year the fourth such trade show and scientific conference will be held from October 31-November 2, 2007 at the Hitex exhibition center in Hyderabad.

What is the current size of the analytical instruments business in India and worldwide? How do you see the analytics instruments growing in India?

A rough estimate of the global figure would be $20 billion worldwide and my estimate of the Indian market can be close to $1 billion. The point to note is that the growth of the analytical business in India is more than 15 percent annually.

Several global companies are strengthening their businesses in India and how does IAIA support them?

It is true that several companies are expanding their activities in India, especially establishing direct operations and expanding their existing direct operations. The companies that do not have any representation in India are always on the lookout for the right partners and IAIA will be happy to introduce to such companies to the members of IAIA including providing them the contact details. Global companies are also welcome to take part in the activities of IAIA such as the trade shows and scientific conferences.

What are your top priorities in making India a hub for analytical instruments in Asia?

IAIA along with Messe Munchen has been bringing the major trade show and symposia to India and this is heavily advertised in the neighboring countries and we are expecting some of their scientists and chemists to visit these trade shows in India. I understand that some of our member companies are engaging in providing the regional support for maintenance of instruments to neighboring countries and also the application and training support. The association has not yet put any special effort in making India as a hub, but it is worth looking into how this can be done by knowing the expectations of the neighboring countries.

How many members does IAIA currently have and what are its future plans?

IAIA has more than 60 members and we are looking forward to enrolling more members during the forthcoming analytica Anacon India 2007 in Hyderabad.

Can you please throw more light on the forthcoming event?

We are placing major focus on the Hyderabad analytica Anacon India 2007 event. More than 2,000 sqm space has been sold out and we have all the major instruments companies, both foreign and Indian, taking part in the same. We expect that the exhibition will be attended by more than 3000 important visitors in the three-day trade show. We are also having a three-day scientific conference, around 20 lectures by leading personalities from abroad, from instrument manufacturers and from leading universities. The registration for the trade show and the conference is free and we are adding a great value to all our valued customers. We are also planning to recognize and confer Life Time Achievement award for 10 personalities from the analytical industry in India, who have helped in serving the industry in more than one way for several decades.

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