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Rank 21-27 Companies

Biotron Healthcare  clocked a total sales of Rs 13.5 crore for fiscal 2008-2009. Since its inception in 1998, the company has been focusing in key areas in life sciences such as new drug discovery research, rapid kit manufacturing and biosensors, molecular imaging, molecular diagnostics and automated nucleic acid extraction systems. Its product range includes microplate multi-detection systems; liquid handling systems; rapid kit and biosensors manufacturing systems; compound storage and management systems; gene expression kits, PCR and qPCR systems and kits; kits for GPCR, kinases, inflammation and CNS; and automated nucleic acid extraction systems. The company has marketing alliances with BMG Lab Tech, Germany; Cepheid USA; PSS Japan; CIS BIO France; Sacace Italy; Quanta UK; Panomics (Affymetrix) USA; Biodot USA; Ipsogen France and Matrical USA
In the avenue of new drug discovery research, Biotron has  an alliance with BMG Lab Tech, Germany, wherein the latter  offers a comprehensive range of Multi-label Detection Systems based on non-radioactive detection technologies (absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence). This happens to be the flagship product. In this avenue, Biotron offers a  supply of homogeneous time resolved fluorescence (HTRF) assays for GPCR, kinases, inflammation and CNS.
In the field of molecular imaging,  the company offers in-vivo pre-clinical imaging including X-ray micro CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) microscopy, Micro-PET (positron emission tomography), Micro-SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) and optical (luminescence and fluorescence). The nuclear imaging modalities (PET and SPECT) can provide the sensitivities required to obtain the same physiological imaging acuity in small animals as can be obtained from humans. Biotron has just entered into a distribution arrangement with ART Canada for supply of optical-based in-vivo animal imaging systems.
Biotron has also forayed into automated nucleic acid extraction systems. Biotron through its technical collaborative arrangement with PSS Japan is going to develop and manufacture extraction kits in India.

Started in the year 1992, JH BIO Innovations is a medium-sized innovative company based out of Bangalore with operations in seven other cities. JH Bio Innovations has registered revenue of Rs 13.10 crore. The company is one of the leading companies in India having an all India presence and working with some of the world leaders like ThermoFisher, Alpha Innotech, Operon, and Evogen among others. The product ranges include frontier technology product range to the low-end regular and standard instruments, reagents and technical solutions. The very idea of this is to penetrate into all laboratories with products and services to convert them to our customer needs. The company’s product range includes electrophoresis, PCR, gel documentation systems, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, deep freezers, freeze dryers  and high-end instrumentation like real time thermolcycler, liquid handling systems, high-end imaging systems. And the services offered by the company include providing the total solutions to any particular requirement of different segments of this vertical. This has enabled the company to build a large and strong customer base.
JH BIO Innovations is one of the market leaders in imaging systems and micro-volume spectrophotometers across India. The company has taken initiatives to enhance the whole range of UV-VIS spectrophotometer market with over 15 models and several world brands from ThermoFisher Scientific.

Trident Equipments, is a steadily growing enterprise established in 1998. For fiscal 2008-09 it clocked an annual sales of Rs 12 crore. The company specializes in the field of analytical, process and life science instrumentations. Trident’s client list includes  names like UNICEF, NTPC, BARC, Reliance Energy, Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Astra Zeneca, Novartis, USV, NCL, IIT, ICAR & CSIR Labs, Ciba, Colorchem, Bayer, Colgate Palmolive, HLL, Emerson and  Yokogawa.
The company represents some of the world’s leading companies in the field of electrochemistry, spectroscopy, color analysis, drug discovery, process analysis, biotechnology and microbiology.
It offers products and services in lab equipments like pH meters, shakers,Co2 incubators, deep freezers, roll in systems, air samplers, spectrophotometers and ToC analyzers; and drug discovery systems like liquid handling systems, PKA/LOGP systems, solubility and permeability systems and rapid microbiological identification systems. Trident has marketing alliances with companies like Thermo, Cybio, Shellab, Bellco, Biochrom, GE and Biomerieux.
Lately, Trident has grown at a steady phase in its electrochemistry  line of products which is the most widely employed technique in any laboratories. The applications of electrochemistry  line of products may range from understanding parameters like acidity, alkalinity, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, concentration, BOD, COD, etc. of a liquid sample. Trident represents some well-known brands for supplying equipments like ovens, incubators, furnaces and chambers. The SHEL LAB line of laboratory equipment faces industrial, clinical, and laboratory applications with ease.

BI Biotech India was formed incorporating business of the Biotech India, which has been in the business of distribution of quality biological research reagents for over 20 years. The company has been distributing products of principal companies of USA and Europe including R&D Systems, Superarray Bioscience Corp, Ray biotech, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Bellco Biotechnology, USA Scientific Inc amongst others. BI Biotech India has established itself as a major distributor of research reagents, consumables and equipments for proteomics, genomics, cell biology, immunology, healthcare and drug development. Its mission is to deliver superior research management solutions through a focus on excellent customer service and prompt technical support.
BI Biotech India is proud to state itself as a dedicated company because it tries to understand customer needs and work with them closely, always looking for ways to improve its services. One of the factors behind its success include its impetus to a good warehousing for perishable reagents like ELISA kits, recombinant proteins, primary and secondary antibodies, gene array products, siRNA products, transfection reagents etc.  It represents some of the US-based world renowned companies like  Anaspec, Bellco Glass, GlobalStem, R&D Systems, RayBiotech, Santa Cruz, SABiosciences and USA Scientific. Besides these, BI Biotech also distributes products from Abnova, Taiwan; Bachem AG, Switzerland; Cedarlane Laboratories, Canada; Major Science, Taiwan; IKA, Germany; and VWR International, UK. With a comprehensive range of products under its product portfolio, it is fully-equipped to meet scientists/researchers growing demand.

Bangalore-based Automed is a life science services company offering  solutions for automation of life sciences processes and instrumentation for drug discovery, microbiology, biotechnology, liquid handling, temperature control, sterilization and validation applications. The company has clocked revenue of Rs 9.8 crore in the year 2008-09.
The company offers knowledge-based solutions for the life science community and  specializes in the areas of microbiology and biotechnology automation. Automed along with  international principals have over the last seven years emerged as the most respected, preferred partner of Indian scientific, healthcare and life science community. The company currently supplies products from Wheaton Science Products, USA; AES Laboratories, France; Integra Biosciences, Switzerland;
MRC, Israel; Orange Scientific, Salvis Labs and few more manufacturers.  Automed Systems offers complete solutions for microbiology applications. It has products to offer right from sampling to analysis and validation of your results. All the products of Automed Systems are GMP and CFR compliant.

Axiom Biotek, a partnership venture under the aegis of Uniline Group was started in the year 2004. The company works in close association with Uniline to take the synergistic growth path by utilizing the strengths of Uniline Group, which is in business for more then two decades with about 150 plus employees on its roll.
Axiom Biotek has more than 20 associate offices at different locations across the country. The company represents principals such as Steris Corporation, USA; CSK-Bio, Switzerland; Integrated Containment Systems, USA; Anseros, Germany; TSE Systems, Germany; Biozone Global, UK/US; Aquatic habitats, US; Charles River Laboratories, UK/US and AIMS, US.
Axiom Biotek aims to be a trusted and valued resource in the advancement of life science and pharmaceuticals to protect people from the dangers of infection and contamination. The company also aims to earn a  position as a trusted partner with its customer base by enhancing customer productivity and profitability and customizing preventive maintenance programs to meet evolving safety guidelines. The Murine ImmunoComb Kit offered by Charles River Laboratories is a convenient solid phase immunoassay designed for the routine screening of rodents for viral and mycoplasmal antibodies. The kit is based on the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and is completely self-contained.

Privately-owned Chromous Biotech is  based in Bangalore. It was started in 2006 by  Dr Biswajit Roy who has been both CEO and managing director of the company since its inception. The main objective of the company is to help the scientific community with  research products and molecular biology services.
The company produces and markets research reagents like restriction and modifying enzymes, research kits, among others for all related areas of biological research. The company also undertakes contract research services.
Chromous  has sales and marketing offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai and has business activities across the country.
The company has only two shareholders with Dr Biswajit Roy holding the majority stake. Chromous Biotech is one of the few companies that has the range of products and services in molecular biology and provides complete molecular biology solutions to the scientific community in India. The company is looking at starting operations in North America and is keen on  a dealership and distributorship in that region.

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