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Consolidation continues

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Consolidation continues

Renewing its partnership with Stratagene (microbiology) and HyClone (cell culture and bioproduction), Genetix Biotech consolidated its business, registering a 37 percent growth in its revenues.

Genetix Biotech Asia, based in New Delhi, provides laboratory research products such as filtration membranes and devices, molecular biology kits and reagents, biochemistry, protein assays, fine chemicals, immunology reagents, cell and tissue culture, serum and media, chromatography accessories and various instruments from leading multinational brands. These products find their application in the area of molecular biology, cell culture, genomics, proteomics and immunology. It represents several leading global companies like Qiagen GmbH, Fermentas Life Sciences, Ambion Inc., Operon Biotechnologies GmbH, Amaxa GmbH, Whatman Biometra GmbH, Nalge Nunc International, Nunc A/s, Tosoh Bioscience GmbH, and Santacruz Biotechnolgies and has in total of 21 strategic distribution relationships.

Nine of its relationships are in molecular and cell biology and this business accounts for a large chunk of its revenues. The company's revenues in FY 2007-08 increased to Rs 70 crore from the previous year's figure of Rs 52 crore. It grew nearly by 37 percent in 2007-08. The company has been growing around this mark for the last several years. Two of its principals, Stratagene (microbiology) and HyClone (cell culture and bioproduction) returned to its fold last September. The Hyclone business alone accounted for close to 17 percent share of its total revenues in 2007-08 and a higher growth is forecast in the coming years.

Being a research-driven company, nearly 55 percent of its revenue comes from the biopharmaceutical industry (both R&D and production) with companies such as Reliance Life Sciences, Serum Institute of India, Indian Immunologicals and Shantha Biotech being some of its key clients. The rest of its revenues come from the research and diagnostics sectors.

Last year saw the company launch a whole range of bioseparation products including filtration, chromatography, and ultrafiltration under the Genetix brand. The company is also working on a project under SIBRI worth Rs 80 lakh sanctioned by DBT in the area of developing molecular diagnostics for two bovine diseases. It also has a full-fledged molecular biology and cell culture laboratory for in-house training, customer demonstration and training, and quality control back up.

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