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ICT rides high on institute-industry network

Institute of Chemical Technology
Institute of Chemical Technology
Name of the Department: Institute of Chemical Technology
Courses: MSc, MTech and PhD courses
Coordinator: Dr Arvind Lali (Coordinator)
Address: Nathalal Parikh Marg, Matunga city, Mumbai-400019, Maharashtra
Tel: +91-22-33611111
Fax: +91-22-33611020
Email: am.lali@ictmumbai.edu.in
Website: www.udct.org, www.ceb.org.in
In the last five decades, ICT has emerged as a major center for development of applied chemical sciences

Founded in 1934 and now a deemed university, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) has been ranked No.1 in this year's survey. Last year, ICT was ranked No.3. Based in Mumbai, the institute offers training and research opportunities in the fields of chemical engineering, chemical technology and pharmacy.

In the last five decades, ICT has emerged as a major center for development of applied chemical sciences with major capacity built in areas such as separation technologies, facilitated reaction technologies, multi-phase reactor design, pharmacy and pharmaceutical technologies, drug design (synthetic and natural), nutrition and food technology, oil processing and oleochemicals technology, polymers, surface coating and processing, fiber technology and dye stuff technology.

ICT offers MSc in biotechnology, MTech in bioprocess technology with special focus on downstream processing, and PhD in bioprocess technology, food biotechnology and biotechnology. The department has 34 faculty members having a teaching experience of more than five years while an additional seven members having an experience of up to five years. Between June 1, 2007, and May 31, 2010, there were 28 scientific research papers published in national journals, while 390 were published in international journals during the same period.

Total value of new industry-sponsored projects commissioned in ICT between June 1, 2009, and May 31, 2010, was estimated at 54.73 lakh, while the total value of new government/ government agencies/ government department/ undertaking sponsored projects commissioned in the same period came up to 33.91 crore. In terms of capital expenditure, the total cost for laboratory equipments came up to 14 crore, while the cost of consumables clocked at 55 lakh.

The DBT-ICT Center of Energy Biosciences was inaugurated in May 2009 and it is India's first national bioenergy research center. It was set up at an initial cost of 24.8 crore and is a multi-disciplinary center with emphasis on cutting-edge technology development and transfer to Indian industry. The department has an extensive network with institutions and industries in India and abroad.

A proposal for dedicated Department of Biotechnology has been forwarded to UGC. Presently, it houses 24 laboratories with 10 students accommodated in each lab space. There are plans to upgrade the present syllabus offered by the department.

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