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Technical Supporter Genetix provides marketing and technical support to some of the world leaders in life science products for

Technical Supporter
Genetix provides marketing and technical support to some of the world leaders in life science products for research.

Genetix Biotech Asia is headquartered in New Delhi for over 15 years and provides some of the global brands for molecular cell biology kits, reagents, tissue and cell culture serum/media, plasticware, chromatography media/columns, and sophisticated instruments.

It was founded in 1991 with the representation of Stratagene and was previously named Chem-Tech India. In 2002, Genetix Biotech Asia was incorporated from a proprietary firm into a private limited company. Today it has been credited with establishing brands in India for some of the leading companies such as Strategene, BioRad, Clonetech, Invitrogen, Qiagen and others. It is marketing and providing technical support for some of the world leaders in biotechnology, life sciences, molecular biology, biochemistry, protein chemistry, immunology cell and tissue culture and chromatography product companies in India.

During 2005-06, the company has grossed a turnover of about Rs 40.1 crore, up from Rs 32 crore during the previous fiscal, registering over 25 percent increase in its business. During the next fiscal, the company aims to increase its revenue by about 40 percent.

Presently, Genetix stocks and sells over 5000 lines of products for some of the best manufacturers such as Qiagen GmbH, Fermentas Life Sciences, Ambion Inc., Operon Biotechnologies GmbH, Amaxa GmbH, Whatman Biometra GmbH, Nalge Nunc International,, Nunc A/s, Tosoh Bioscience GmbH, Santacruz Biotechnolgies and many others.

Along with the kits, reagents, media, the company provides laboratory equipment for molecular biology labs such as thermal cyclers, gel doc systems with transilluminator, hybridization ovens, sequencing and electrophoresis apparatus with power supplies, liquid handling robotic systems, etc.

Now Genetix is looking beyond supplying products, it is embarking upon manufacturing molecular biology kits and reagents both for local and the export markets.

The company has total workforce of 80 individuals which includes a strong marketing team of 40 sales personnel. Genetix has a highly competent technical support team of qualified specialists for serving the needs of the biotech industry.

The company has a good warehousing facility for perishable reagents like biological enzymes and serums and has developed in-house software to manage its huge stocks. It has the expertise, a good network, logistics support to service the needs of the pharmaceutical and biopharma companies for their R&D, pilot scale to production needs. It has offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune in India along with a well-established dealer network across the country. In addition to its Indian offices, Genetix has also established offices in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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