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Top 20 Suppliers

1. Labindia Instruments

Labindia Instruments, promoted by a group of engineers and professionals, is a successful sales, service and support organization. The company is primarily engaged in providing comprehensive solutions for the life science community. Labindia is the exclusive partner in India for Applied Biosystems, responsible for the sales, service and support for their entire range of products. Besides Applied Biosystems, Labindia Group is also dealing with Leica and supporting their microscopy, microtomy and histopathalogy products.

CEO: VS Upadhye
Start-up Year: 1982
Business: Suppliers of instruments, reagents, software and products required for biotech and drug discovery

Business Revenue: 119 Crore

Address: 372, Udyog Vihar, Phase 2, Gurgaon -122 016
Tel.: +91-124-2843000
Fax: +91-124-2843399
Website: www.labindia.com 

While the company's total turnover in 2004-05 was Rs 164 crore, the biotech business turnover for the same was Rs 119 crore, up from Rs 67.5 crore the previous year, registering a phenomenal 76 percent growth in their biotech revenues. This high growth is attributed to the extraordinary increase in molecular biology, drug discovery and contract research technology supplies. The Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex LCMSMS supplied by Labindia was abundantly the instrument of choice for all the CROs, showing 100 percent growth in this market segment. Labindia is currently diversifying into various arenas like software testing, contract research (CRO), microbial identification, screening for infants for various metabolic disorders and microarray services for gene expression studies in human, rat and mouse covering the whole genome.

The company has established a full fledged Application support Laboratory at its Gurgaon site. The Laboratory has latest technologies like, Fast PCR, Real Time PCR, Automated DNA Sequencer, Low density Array, Full Genome Micro-Array in the Molecular Biology Laboratory and Maldi-tof, Hybrid LCMSMS with Linear Ion Trap (4000 QTRAP) in Proteomics and Small molecule laboratory.

2.Waters India

Waters Corporation is a supplier of high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, thermal analysis and rheology products and services around the world. Waters is a publicly traded corporation headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts and sells direct in most of the

CEO: KV Venu Gopalan
Start-up Year:
Analytical Instrumentation, bioinformatics software and services
Business Revenue: 
113.5 Crore

36A, II Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore - 560 058
Tel: 91-80-28371900
Fax: 91-80-28392157
Website: www.waters.com 

countries its serves. Waters India started operations in 1988. In 1997, it became a subsidiary of Waters Corporation. Major areas of activity in India are sales and marketing, after sales installation, service and technical support and applications. Waters India business has grown in high double digit growth rate for the past five years. It achieved the distinction of best performing subsidiary of Waters Corporation in 2004.

The company offers a comprehensive range of analytical systems across four critical areas: instruments, column chemistries, software and support services. Nearly 70 percent of the company's revenue is derived from the life science market, a market comprised of drug discovery, drug development, quality control, and the emerging sciences of genomics and proteomics. Most of these clients operate under rigorous regulatory standards set by the US FDA and other regulatory bodies. Waters business in India last year was $32 m. It registered a growth of 77 percent in 2004-2005 as compared with 64 percent the previous year. Some of the new products it introduced recently are ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC systems, Protein Expression System and QuattroMicro XE quadrupole tandem mass spectrometers. Waters products are also sold into the food and beverage, environmental, fine chemical, personal care product, university, government, semiconductor and plastics markets sectors.

3. Spinco Biotech

Well known among the customers as distributors for Shimadzu HPLC, today the company also offers an array of instruments for proteomic and genomic research. It has a network of 15 offices through out India with 200 employees to serve the customer. Spinco Biotech has been the distributor for Shimadzu HPLC in India for more than two decades. The company also distributes GC, GC-MS line of Shimadzu for Andhra Pradesh, eastern and north eastern India. Over the years they have established an installation base of more than 4000 Shimadzu HPLC systems.

CEO: S Thyagarajan
Start-up Year: 1981
Business: Distributor of scientific instruments in India
Business Revenue:
111.5 Crore

Address: No.4, Vaidyaran Street,
T Nagar, Chennai
Tel.: +91-44-24340174
Fax: +91-44-24340761
Website: www.spincotech.com

For instruments for Proteomic research, Spinco Biotech represents Kratos Analytical, UK for MALDI TOF-MS, Proteome Systems, Australia for 2D Electrophoresis and Shimadzu-Biotech, Japan for

'Xcise' (automated gel processing), ChiP (for peptide mass fingerprinting and protein macroarray analysis), 2D Micro-HPLC (for proteome analysis) and AccuSpot (for automatic LC micro-fractionation and spotting). Spinco Biotech also represents Ultra-Violet Products, USA for the complete range of transilluminators and gel documentation systems.

Spinco Biotech promotes Affymetrix, USA for GeneChip system – the Gold Standard for Microarray. GeneChip, the most advanced platform reduces the time and cost of discovery research. The company has complete solution for drug discovery from synthesis to purification to evaporation to screening. It represents Multiple Organic Synsthesizers of AAPPTEC (formerly called Advanced Chem Tech), USA and Initiator - Microwave Synthesis from Biotage AB, Sweden for synthesis, Flash Chromatography from Biotage, for purification and high throughput solvent evaporation system from Genevac, UK for evaporation. The company recorded a turnover of Rs 111.5 crore registering a growth of 21 percent.

4. Becton Dickinson India

US-based Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) operates in India through its wholly owned subsidiary, BD India. The company's worldwide operations consist of three segments: BD Biosciences, BD Medical and BD Diagnostics. While the company's total turnover was Rs 209.88 crore in the fiscal year 2004-05, the biotech business turnover for the same fiscal was Rs 106.40 crore, up from Rs 73.82 crore the previous year, registering a 44 percent increase in its biotech business.

CEO: Ram Sharma
Start-up Year: 1994-95
Business: Supplier of diagnostic, bioresearch and medical equipment
Business Revenue:
106.4 Crore

Address: 6th Floor, Signature Towers B, South City 1, Gurgaon – 122 001
Tel.: +91-124-2383566-60
Fax: +91-124-2383224
Website: www.bd.com

Its biosciences segment provides integrated systems, products and services for a variety of applications in life sciences. The major products are flow cytometry systems for cell analysis, monoclonal antibodies for biomedical research, molecular biology reagents for the study of genes, cell growth and screening products and labware products. The company is a prominent player in immunology and cell analysis sector. BD Biosciences - Immunocytometry systems provides flow cytometry solutions for research and clinical use with applications for immune function, vaccine research, infectious disease, and oncology. In India, BD has supplied nearly 200 flow cytometry systems and has a nearly 90-95 percent market share in flow cytometry solutions. BD is considered a long-term partner of choice for AIDS monitoring and cancer management. This is evident form the fact that nearly 100 percent of AIDs monitoring is done by National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) on BD systems. The company has an efficient support staff consisting of scientific advisors, application scientists, and engineers for value added services to its customers. It has offices in Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgoan.QuattroMicro XE

5. Thermo Electron LLS India Pvt Ltd

Thermo Electron Life and Laboratory Sciences (LLS) India Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US-based Thermo Electron Corporation, is a key supplier of advanced analytical technologies, scientific and laboratory equipments and laboratory consumables helping scientists and clinicians discover new drugs, understand its genetic make-up and diagnose illnesses and diseases.

CEO: Virendra Tipnis (M D)
Start up Year:
Business: Manufacturer and exporter of analytical technologies, scientific and laboratory equipments and laboratory consumables
Business Revenue:
86 Crore

Address: Plot No. A 255, TTC Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai – 400 705
Tel.: +91-22-27781101/2
Fax: +91-22-27781103
Website: www.thermo.com

Serving customers from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa region, it has set up a manufacturing unit at Navi Mumbai that produces a range of finn pipette for ELISA readers and washers both for home and export consumption. More than 60 percent of the products manufactured by Thermo Electron LLS India are exported. It currently looks after the life and laboratory science group in the India and bioscience technology division of the life and laboratory science group in South Asia, Middle East and African countries. Its clients base include most of the government sponsored research institutions and private sector research organizations, biological institutions, hospitals, R&D wings of the pharmaceutical companies.

Thermo India has a factory and head office in Navi Mumbai and branch offices in Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi and engineers based at Kolkata apart from the above offices. Its total sales during the year stood at $20 million (about Rs 86.4 crore) as against last year's sales of $15.76 million (about Rs 70.92 crore). The sales revenue includes $5.5 million from laboratory equipments division and $14.5 million from the scientific instruments division. It is expanding its operations this year and moving to a new office that will have a complete team of various divisions of its life and laboratory science sector.

6. Agilent Technologies India (LSCA)

6. Agilent Technologies India (LSCA)

Agilent Technologies Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis (LSCA) group is a leading global provider of instruments, supplies, software and services to life science and chemical analysis markets. The group offers new and futuristic technology solutions and its ability to integrate core technologies in molecular biology, nanotechnology and semiconductors with information sciences software and genetic engineering,

CEO: Sanjeev Dhar
Start up year: 1989
Business: Manufacturer of instruments, software, supplies and services for the life sciences and chemical markets
Business Revenue:71.4 Crore
Address: Chandiwalan Estate, Maa Anandmai Marg, Kalkaji,
New Delhi – 110 019
Tel.: +91-11-51496607
Fax: +91-11-26826068
Website: www.agilent.com

biotechnology has led to significant innovations.

In 2004, Agilent LSCA India operations experienced a high double-digit growth and is now LSCA's fourth largest country of business in Asia. Known as one of the industry leaders in compliance services for the pharmaceutical companies in India, Agilent LSCA continues to expand its presence in the life sciences industries, with its recent introduction of the DNA microarray-based genomics solution in April this year. The revenue for LSCA India is estimated to be about Rs 102 crore in 2004, while according to industry estimates the life sciences revenue accounts for about 70 percent of its turnover. There has been nearly 57 percent growth in its biotech business as compared to that in 2003-04. The global revenue for Agilent LSCA is $1.3 billion in 2004. As Agilent LSCA India strives to provide more innovative solutions for its customers, it will continue to introduce new technologies for biotechnology research as well as next-generation products that address automating the entire scientific workflow to improve productivity and efficiency. In India, Agilent introduced the innovative concept of online technical help for its customers about two and a half years ago, which is a key differentiator.

7. Millipore (India) Pvt Ltd

Millipore (India) Pvt Ltd, a joint venture company with Millipore Corp., has been operational in the country since 1988. It provides technologies, tools and services for the development and production of new therapeutic drugs and serves the life science research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

CEO:Sudhir Kant
Start-up Year: 1988
Business: Supplier of filtration and purification products and services for the life sciences sector.
Business Revenue: 70.7 Crore
50A, 2nd Phase, Ring Road, Peenya, Bangalore - 560 058
Tel.: +91-80-28396320/28394657
Fax: +91-80-28396345
Website: www.millipore.com

It serves the biosciences market, defined as research and manufacturing within the areas of genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Several thousand devices, products and systems serve the 500,000 laboratories around the world, as well as the 2,500 major biotechnology, pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing companies. Millipore technology is used for a wide range of applications, from protein sample preparation to vaccine sterilization to monoclonal antibody production. Millipore lab water systems are essential to research and analytical laboratory work.

Millipore also offers custom-engineered purification systems that are built and configured to fit within a manufacturing process for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. In addition, it provides consulting and customer support services for high-value applications.

Millipore was selected among the Top 100 companies by the international magazine Business Ethics for excellence and integrity of practices in corporate behavior and ethics.

In a similar study done earlier by Global Finance magazine, Millipore was rated among the top most companies in the area of 'Socially Most Responsible Companies.'

Millipore Corp. has assigned several new initiatives in the areas of manufacturing and research to Millipore India which would be operationally ready by the end of 2006.

The company's turnover in 2004-2005 was Rs 70.70 crore as against Rs 57.18 crore in 2003-2004, registering a growth of 23 percent.

8. Wipro BioMed

Wipro BioMed, a division of Wipro Ltd, provides solutions and specialized equipments to the

CEO: Vinod Wahi (Country Manager)
Start-up Year: 1988
Business: Supplier of biotech equipments especially for proteomics and genomics research
Business Revenue: 61.82 Crore
Address: 903, Prakash Deep Building, 7 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi - 110 001
Tel: +91-11-23325677/23329163
Fax: +91-11-23738675
Website: www.wipro.com

biopharma and life sciences industry, especially in the proteomics and genomics area. Operating in this space for over 15 years now, it is geared to provide comprehensive solutions both on the technology front and software solutions front. It offers a one-point solution to drug discovery processes and these solutions are backed up with ISO certified service and technical support.

The biotech business income of Wipro BioMed for the fiscal year 2004-05 was Rs 61.8 crore, up from Rs 52.1 crore the previous year, registering 18.5 percent growth. During the current fiscal, it aims to clock an impressive turnover of about Rs 105 crore. Its entire biotech revenue is generated through agency operations.

The BioMed division has three verticals - the Life Sciences group (LSG), Diagnostics Sciences Group (DSG) and Medical Sciences Group (MSG). The Life Sciences Group offers R&D equipments and reagents in the proteomics, genomics, and cell lab arena. Beckman Coulter, which provides attractive and comprehensive solutions in these areas, is promoted and supported by Wipro on an exclusive basis in India. Its product range includes DNA sequencer, SNP stream instrument, 2D chromato-focusing system, flow cytometry, etc. Besides Beckman, Wipro has a marketing alliance with Promega, Spotfire, Alfawasermann, Fuginon, Adaltis, Aesculap and Schwind among others.

9. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a $14 billion unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) that is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Worldwide, GE Healthcare employs more than 42,500 people to serve healthcare

CEO: T Ravindar
Start-up Year:
Services in healthcare sector

Business Revenue: 54.3 Crore

32, Palani Centre, First Floor, Venkatnarayan Road, T Nagar,
Chennai - 600 017
Tel.: +91-44-2434 0747
Fax: +91-44-24323770
Website: www.gehealthcare.com

professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries. GE Healthcare Technologies is an $11 billion business of GE Healthcare that provides a broad portfolio of medical imaging and information technologies, patient monitoring systems and healthcare services. From ultrasound to MR to surgical navigation, GE provides industry-leading technologies that allow clinicians to see inside the human body more clearly than ever before. GE's patient monitoring and healthcare information technologies seamlessly integrate medical images and data across the enterprise to improve productivity and quality of care. And, its portfolio of technology, training, process optimization and financial services help healthcare providers achieve their clinical and business performance goals.

GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences is a $3 billion business of GE Healthcare that provides medical diagnostics, drug discovery and protein separation systems. Its diagnostic imaging agents are used during medical scanning procedures to highlight organs, tissues and cells inside the human body, for the early detection, diagnosis and management of disease.

GE's chromatography and filtration purification systems are applied to research and drug development programs to yield more targeted and effective therapies. And, discovery systems enable functional biology to help bring new, more effective drugs to patients through cellular and protein analysis, DNA sequencing, gene expression and genetic variation. GE Healthcare's turnover was Rs 54.30 crore in 2004-05 as compared to Rs 41 crore the previous year, registering a 32 percent growth.

10. Alfa Laval India Ltd

Alfa Laval India, a sales company for Alfa Laval Group of Sweden, manufactures and supplies a wide range of key components and systems in separation, heat transfer and flow technology to life sciences companies. In 1987, it became Alfa Laval India Ltd and subsequently a

CEO: Satish Tandon (M D)
Start-up Year:
Business: Manufacturer and supplier of a range of components and systems in separation, heat transfer and flow technology
Business Revenue: 46 Crore
Mumbai-Pune Road, Dapodi, Pune – 411 012
Tel: +91-20-4116100/27107100
Fax: + 91-20-7147711
Website: www.alfalaval.co.in

holding company of Alfa Laval AB Corporates, Sweden with which it has a technical collaboration. It is a key supplier of centrifugal separators and decanters and flow equipment.

Alfa Laval India is the first company to bring in single fermenter technology to India in the late Eighties. It has entered into a tie-up with Katzen International Inc. US, to bring vapour phase molecular sieve technology.

The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of key components and systems for food, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries at its plant in Pune. It has launched many products such as automation system PharmaX and PharmaLine heat exchangers, BTPX and LAPX separators, membrane filtration technology and solid pump. Considering the growth and importance of fuel ethanol it is looking at developing technology for biodiesel.

It has established itself as a supplier of high quality fabricated and separation products in the biopharma applications. It started its business in life sciences with Biocon India as its first client. It had executed projects in South Africa, China, Nigeria, Middle East, Turkey, Russia and Bangladesh. It had sales of Rs 46 crore from the life sciences division, an increase of Rs 6 crore over last year. This is mainly because it had received a major order from Biocon, a leading biotechnology company in the country. In 2003-04, it had a sales of Rs 20 crore.



11. Chemito Technologies Pvt Ltd

11. Chemito Technologies Pvt Ltd

CEO: Anurag Toshnival (Director)
Start-up Year: 1961
Business: Manufactures and supplies instruments in the areas of analytical technologies, environment instrumentation, bio analytics and air separation plants
Business Revenue: 38 Crore
8, Mohatta Bhavan, Off Dr E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400 018
Tel.: +91-22-2492 3979, 2493 6062
Fax: +91-22-2493 6166
Website: www.chemito.net

Chemito Technologies Pvt Ltd has been a sustained performer in the areas of analytical technologies, chemical engineering, environment instrumentation, bioanalytics, and air separation plants. Started as a small effort in 1961 with the establishment of Toshniwal Instruments, it has evolved from being a product manufacturer to a comprehensive solution provider. In 1980 it introduced Chemito as brand name for its products. Chemito products are reaching over 25 countries worldwide. Besides its own, it offers products of companies from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway and USA.

Chemito manufactures UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and Chromatography Data Processor with know-how from Shimadzu, Japan. This ISO 9002 certified company also manufactures of UV detectors for HPLC and HPLC in collaboration with Knauer, Germany and Bioreactors. Its manufacturing expertise and instrumentation knowledge is combined to offer bioreactors/fermentors and cell culture systems for microbiologists and biotechnologists. Its customized bio-solutions ensure the best possible growth and biosynthesis for the important industrial microbial cultures.

A dedicated application department carries out critical applications while assisting its customer in selecting the right configuration for the desired solution. The training school, with in-house faculty and visiting industry experts, impart training related to instrument use, specific applications and maintenance, to over 150 analysts every year. Its income increased in 2004-05 to Rs 38 crore from Rs 30 crore in previous year.

12. Sartorius India Pvt Ltd

CEO: Dr Anil Paul Kariath
Start-up Year: 1991
Business: Supplier of instruments
Business Revenue: 37.1 Crore
Address: No.10, 6th Main, 3rd Phase, Peenya, KIADB Industrial Area,
Bangalore - 560 058
Tel.: +91-80-28391963/0461
Fax: +91-80-28398262
Website: www.sartorius-india.com

Sartorius India Pvt Ltd is the biotech subsidiary of Sarorius. It was formed as a joint venture between SFS Technologies and Sartorius Group 

in 1995. The company plays a key role within Sartorius Group as one among four system manufacturing facilities for Sartorius worldwide (the other three are located in the US, Germany and Italy). Its fermentation, microfiltration, ultrafiltration products and process control through automation, validation services address critical needs of the pharma, biotech, food and beverage industries. The company has been growing with the pharma-biotech industry offering turnkey solution right from designing to manufacturing to implementation, commissioning and even participating in the initial production process for clients.

The company's task groups work closely in design, manufacture, implementation, commissioning and participate in the initial production process for clients within a tight time frame. The company has announced plans to enter medical biotechnology in a big way; build bio-reactors for pharmaceutical companies who are primarily into the production of vaccines, enzymes and other recombinant DNA products. In the last two years, the company has completed several complex biotech-pharma projects for Biological E, Lupin Chemicals, Alembic and Zydus Cadila, in addition to tapping export orders. Headquartered in Bangalore, Sartorius India has eight branches in biotech hubs of the country. It has a total staff of 190 people, which are equally divided in research and manufacturing and sales & marketing divisions. The company's annual income increased in 2004-2005 to Rs 37.10 crore as against last year's Rs 30.99 crore, thereby registering a growth of 19 percent.

13. Genetix Biotech Asia

CEO: Arun Prakash
Start-up Year: 1992
Business: Technical support and distribution of life sciences supplies
Business Revenue: 31.93 Crore
Address: 71/1, 1st Floor, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi -110 015
Tel: +91-11-51427031
Fax: +91-11-25419631
Website: www.genetixindia.com

Genetix started its operations with the sole agenda to promote and market molecular biology reagents exclusively for Strangene. But today, it has emerged as one of the few companies stocking and selling over 5000 different products of an equally diverse range of foreign principals. It is marketing and providing technical support for some of the world leaders in biotechnology, life sciences, molecular biology, biochemistry, protein chemistry, immunology cell and tissue culture and chromatography product companies. Genetix represents Qiagen, Fermenters Life Sciences, Nalgene, Nunc, Santacruz, JRH Biosciences, Ambion, Vivasciences and Biometra and many others in Indian market. Its products range consists of molecular biology and cell culture reagents and kits, serum, media, plasticware and equipments. The company also supplies monoclonal antibodies and diagnostic e-strips. It has a good warehousing facility for perishable reagents like biological enzymes, serums, etc and has developed in house software to manage its huge stocks.

During 2004-05, the company's biotech business was Rs 31.93 crore, a 30 percent increase as compared to its previous year's results of Rs 24.53 crore. Genetix expects to register a turnover of Rs 42 crore during the current fiscal.

Genetix is now foraying into the manufacture of molecular diagnostic and molecular biology kits and has invested about Rs 14.25 crore in expanding its infrastructure. It has offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune in India along with a well-established dealer network across the country. The company also has offices in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Its customers include R&D institutes and the biopharma manufacturers.

14. Bio-Rad Laboratories (India)

CEO: Dhiren Wagle (Country Manager)
Start-up Year: 1996
Business: Life science research and clinical diagnostic equipments and reagent kits
Business Revenue: 27 Crore
Address: B&B1, Enkay Tower, Vanijya Nikunj, Udyog Vihar Phase V,
Gurgaon -122 016
Tel.: +91-124-2398112/8113/8114
Fax: +91-124-2398115
Website: www.bio-rad.com

Bio-Rad Laboratories is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of life sciences research and clinical diagnostics products. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Bio-Rad India, a 100 percent subsidiary of Bio-Rad Laboratories USA, has regional offices at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad, which cater to the numerous research, industrial and clinical laboratories of India. The company's operations in the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives are also coordinated from the Bio-Rad India office at Gurgaon.

Bio-Rad India has been seeing consistent growth in its revenues over the past few years. In 2004-05, its total biotech business including diagnosticswas Rs 45 crore, registering 18 percent growth as compared to the previous year's revenue of Rs 38 crore. During the current fiscal, the company aims to achieve a total turnover of Rs 60 crore. In pursuit of constant innovation, the company launched some new initiatives like process scale chromatography systems and fully automated chip based electrophoresis systems during the year.

Bio-Rad has two major groups: The Clinical Diagnostics group (CDG) and the Life Sciences group (LSG). The revenue generated by the CDG and the LSG groups during 2004-05 was Rs 18 crore and Rs 27 crore respectively. The clinical group offers instrumentation, reagents, software and quality control systems. In addition, it has diabetes monitoring and QC management besides testing products for bacteriology, blood virus screening, autoimmune disorders, molecular pathology, toxicology and genetic disorders analysis. Its Life Science segment caters to discovery and biological exploration tools. Core product areas include electrophoresis and chromatography equipment and reagents, state-of-the-art imaging instruments, image analysis software and blotting systems.

15. Chromline Equipment (I) Pvt Ltd

CEO: Vijay B More (M D)
Start-up Year: 1997
Business Revenue: 22.53 Crore
Address: 152-D, 1st Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala Road, Goregaon (E),
Mumbai – 400 063
Tel.: +91-22-26867152/26860816
Fax: +91-22-26860306

Chromline Equipment was started in 1997 by a group having technical background and rich experience in analytical instrumentation field, particularly in chromatography and materials characterization. It now represents many firms from USA and Europe such as Thermo Electron Corporation, Sarstedt AG & Co, Varian (Vankel), Peak Scientific, PSS, GMBH, Berghof, Bionisis, Hetlab and Rheologica.

With a staff strength of 55, it concentrates mainly on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, CRO laboratories and research institute (CSIR, ICMR, ICAR Laboratories etc.). Chromline has been growing year-on-year. It has many HPLC, LC/MS/MS, HPTLC installations and automated tablet dissolution systems across India. It has factory-trained support engineers for after-sales service all over India and also conducts in-house training program for its customers. Besides the sales and service, people get regular training at its principal's place for updates on various new technologies involved in its instrumentation.

Chromline is dealing with sophisticated analytical instruments required in pharma, biopharma and life science industries like chromatography, spectroscopy, and materials characterization. For biopharmaceutical sector, it offers optimum performance laminar chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and LC/MS/MS, high performance thin layer chromatography, solvent evaporation system, nitrogen gas generators, capillary electrophosesis system, cyclograph, tablet dissolution system (automated). From Rs 9 crore in 1999-2000, Chromline's revenue in 2003-04 stood at Rs 20.70 crore. In 2004-05, its total revenue increased to Rs 33.75 crore of which its biotechnology revenue in 2004-05 was Rs 22.53 crore

16. Pall India Pvt Ltd

16. Pall India Pvt Ltd

CEO: Umesh Shah (M D)
Start up Year: 1997
Business: Development and production of filters
Business Revenue: 22 Crore
Sahney Kirkwood Compound, Ist Floor, 27 Kirol, Vidyavihar (W), Mumbai - 400 086
Tel.: +91- 22-55995555
Fax: +91-22-55995556
Website: www.pall.com

Pall India Pvt Ltd is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Pall Corporation. It was started as Pall Pharmalab Filtrations Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between Pall Corporation, USA and Pharmalab Engineering Group, India. In 1984 Pall Corporation appointed Filtech Pharmalab, a flagship company of Pharmalab Engineering Group as its distributor in India to market its products. Since then it has successfully created a market for Pall products. Pall Corporation that holds majority stake in the joint venture, took over the entire stake in the early part of 2004. Now it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pall Corporation.

Pall India is an innovator and supplier of filtration systems, validation services and proprietary membranes that are fundamental to developers and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, blood fractions, therapeutic biologicals, and food and beverages, as well as producers of diagnostic tests and users of laboratory-scale filtration devices. Pall India has a production facility at Ahmedabad to manufacture stainless steel and carbon steel filter housing, tangential flow filtration systems, backwash and blowback automatic separation systems, oil purifiers, membrane filtration products and paper filter range. Its product range includes magnetic filter funnel and envirocheck sampling capsule (technologies), membrane and glass fiber filters, acrodisc syringe filter.

Pall India's revenue in life sciences section (that includes equipments sold to biopharma and biosciences companies) stood at Rs 22 crore in 2004-05 as against last year's sales of Rs 18 crore. Considering the growth of the biotechnology and life science's industry, it is projecting a decent growth of 25-30 percent in the near future.

17. Imperial Bio-Medics

CEO: Suresh Kumar Gupta
Start-up Year: 1992
Business: Suppliers of products used in biotechnology and molecular biology research.
Business Revenue: 19.38 Crore
Address: SCO-36, Sector-26, Chandigarh – 160 019 Tel.: +91-172-2792737
Fax: +91-172-2792023

Imperial Bio-Medic offers a broad portfolio of research products and services for the biotech and molecular biology industry. In 2004-05, Imperial registered a turnover of 19.38 crore, a whopping 90 percent increase compared to the previous year's turnover of Rs 10.2 crore. The company is aiming for turnover of Rs 35 crore for the year 2005-06 and to achieve the same, it plans to go for bifurcation into instrumentation and consumables division in order to spearhead each division in a strategic manner. Imperial has joined hands with leading American companies like Telechem (deals in complete range of microarray scanners, plotters, hybridization chambers, pins and slides), Dynex, Proscientific and SpexCentriprep, for exclusive distribution rights of its instruments in the Indian subcontinent. This helped the company to position itself as a total solution provider for the life sciences industry. Furthermore, the company is setting up its new corporate in Gurgaon, with an investment of about half a million US$, which would house high quality application support lab with QPCR, microarrays and sequencer.

The growth given by Imperial to Stratagene, USA increased spectacularly over the previous year by 160 percent spanning all product segments. Acknowledging this achievement, Stratagene, USA conferred upon Imperial the honor of being the best distributor across the globe at the annual sales meet in Mexico in February 2005.

Imperial has also entered the molecular diagnostics arena, with QPCR as the platform by tying up with Roboscreen, German company known for its ready to use QPCR based diagnostics kits covering a wide spectrum of diseases like AIDS, dengue, cholera, hepatitis etc.

18. PerkinElmer India

CEO: Shriram G Bhalerao
Start-up Year: 2004
Business: Marketing and servicing analytical and life science instruments
Business Revenue: 12 Crore
201, Nand Chambers, LBS Road, Panchpakhadi, Thane - 400 602
Tel.: +91-22-25445000
Fax: +91- 22-25335940
Website: www.perkinelmer.com

Incorporated in 2004, PerkinElmer India is a joint venture between Labindia Instruments Pvt Ltd and PerkinElmer Singapore Pte Ltd. It works as the exclusive distributor in India for entire range of Life and Analytical Science (LAS) products of PerkinElmer. With an employee strength of 170 people, it has 10 sales offices and service centers spread across India. In the first year of its operations, the company's total turnover was estimated to be Rs 90.2 crore and the biotech business turnover for the same was Rs 12 crore.

The parent company focuses on providing solutions, which integrate technology and applications. It is focused in the business areas of life and analytical sciences, optoelectronics and fluid sciences. And is a leading provider of scientific instruments, consumables, and services to the pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental testing and general industrial markets. The company designs manufactures, markets and services products and systems within its three business units.

The LAS division of PerkinElmer provides drug discovery, genetic screening and chemical analysis tools. It also provides instruments, reagents and services for scientific research and clinical applications. Its product portfolio includes assay platforms, plate readers, genetic screening/diagnostics, high through put screening, DNA and protein microarray, live cell imaging, proteomics, maldi-o-tof, radioactive counters, liquid handling systems, research reagents among others. Its product brands include Delfia research and genetic screening solutions from Wallac, MultiProbe automated liquid handling systems, Clarus family of gas chromatographs, LabWorks LIMS/enterprise software solutions, Envision and Victor multilabel plate readers, TotalChrom Chromatography Data Handling software, among others. The manufacturing facilities of PerkinElmer are in the US, Italy and Singapore.

19. Medi Spec Instruments India Ltd

CEO: Vipul Chhatbar
Business Revenue: 11.5 Crore
Unit 223, Link Way Estate, New Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai - 400 064
Tel.: +91-22-28739944/28734567
Fax: +91-22-28759944
Website: www.medispecindia.com

Medi Spec Instruments India Ltd (MIIL) is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company involved in marketing and serving of analytical, medical and diagnostic products. Started in 1995 as a private limited company, MIIL became a limited company in 2003 and also got the ISO certification in the same year. MIIL represents companies from USA, UK, China and Germany like Bio-Tek, Lishen, Polygen, Wealtec, Proligo, Labcaire, Sanguin., Celsis, Peqlab, Nickel, Nepa Gene, Galileo and Stratec in India. It is a one-stop shop from Fisher Scientific which has over 2 lakh listed products in its catalogue. And its product range includes laboratory furnaces, laboratory ovens, glassware drying cabinets, incubators, CO2 incubators, biology safety cabinets, dri-block heaters, hotplates, hotplate /magnetic stirrers, centrifuges, DNA systhesizer designed for oligo houses, Medusa 2000 and Aurora, microplate spectrophotometers, automated microplate pipetting and dispensing systems, fastrack and biostack, bio-cell quartz cuvette and clarity microplate luminometer.

MIIL promotes manufacturers product in India and arrange to import either by self or via customer. Its field staff has strong analytical/clinical and science background and service staff consists of qualified electronic engineers, trained to give application and technical support to all its installations. MIIL covers whole of India through its staff and offices. Its sales turnover for the year 2004-05 stood at Rs 11.5 core registering a marginal increase of just Rs1.5 crore over the previous year. It expects to grow by over 30 percent. In 2002-03, it had a sales of Rs 6 crore. MIIL is expected to double this figure in this fiscal by increasing the field force to 30.

20. Axygen Scientific

CEO: Navneet Trehan (Director)
Start-up year:
Marketing of various laboratory products
Business Revenue: 11.5 Crore
E-15, 3rd Floor, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi –110 028
Tel.: +91-11-25891010
Fax: +91-11-25897715
Website: www.axygenindia.com

Axygen Scientific was incorporated in India in 1999 with its corporate office in New Delhi and head office in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The company represents Axygen Scientific Inc, a leading provider of laboratory consumables, in India. It focuses on the research laboratory market and it targets pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food research industries. Axygen aims to become a one-stop research lab supply company.

For the fiscal year 2004-05, Axygen posted a turnover of Rs 11.5 crore, a 63.8 percent growth as compared to the previous year's results of Rs 7.02 crore. It expects to register a turnover of Rs 16 crore during the current fiscal.

The company has a strong network of its branch offices and distributors throughout India. It is presently working with its team of business managers and five branch offices and 80 distributors. Axygen manufactures and sells products, which are certified to be DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free.

Axygen Scientific was globally founded in 1993 and all its currently sold products are manufactured in its Union City factory, California, its global headquarters. Today Axygen's portfolio includes high throughput screening pipette tips, PCR plates, tubes, strips and axymats, screw cap micro centrifuge tubes, flat cap micro centrifuge tubes, universal and specialty pipette tips (filtered and non-filtered), deep well plates, storage racks and separation columns. It has a marketing alliance with Corning Inc.'s life sciences division to distribute Corning's assay, HTS, cell culture, liquid handling, and laboratory filtration products. Axygen also represents some other foreign principals like BioServe, Vitlab, Kautex, Creackon, SuePlus among others.


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