• 13 June 2005
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Publisher's Note

Dear Readers,

I would like to thank all investors, many of whom are subscribers and readers of CyberMedia's magazines, for their hearty support to our IPO.

Your support has vindicated our efforts of the last 22 years in the various industries that we have served. In 1982, a small group of six people, with Rs 1.6 lakhs embarked on a journey in a fledging industry called Information Technology. It was our belief that this industry could become a precursor to the future of India, that led us to launch Dataquest which has in these twenty-two years watched the growth of industry from the ring side-reporting, analyzing, supporting, and critiquing the industry. The industry grew and so did we, to achieve strong growth for our shareholders. Ten thousand rupees invested in CyberMedia in 1982 have grown today to Rs 2 crore at the IPO price. And, this has happened because of the mutual bonds that have been established between CyberMedia, its readers, its advertisers, and the policy makers.

CyberMedia's growth has come because of a strong set of values: Innovation, Integrity, Excellence, Influence, and Caring Meritocracy.

Innovation forms the DNA of CyberMedia. We have a number of firsts to our credit, which has resulted in a strong presence in the Information Technology, Communications, Biotechnology, and Consumer Electronics domains.

We believe in Excellence, in all the products and services we offer. This has resulted in 12 lakh readers, a 7-lakh online community, and a 60 percent market share. We have had a positive Influence in the domains we have operated in. CyberMedia's products are recognised for their forthright and balanced views, which have shaped policies, markets, and usage in the various industries.

We have achieved all this by inculcating the principle of Integrity in whatever we do; and that is why we have a loyal customer base. Internally, we have communicated the principle of Caring Meritocracy for our employees, whereby a mix of task-oriented and relationship-oriented styles has resulted in a steady band of people who have endeared you with their writing in the past.

This IPO is a step towards our future endeavors, in which we would like to continue to provide strong returns to our investors as well as stick to the principles that have resulted in our success so far. We are now embarking on the path of globalization and want to take Indian brands to the global markets. Towards this, we have launched Global Outsourcing, which will address the global markets for offshoring. This magazine will be the first Indian media brand to be distributed in global markets, addressing that audience and not merely the Indian diaspora. We are also taking the brand BioSpectrum global, by launching a Southeast Asian edition. Our global strategy would also see CyberMedia playing a strong role in the media services medium by offering backend services in content to international companies.

The last two decades have indeed been a very satisfying journey. We hope that the next two decades would also be equally exciting and will establish CyberMedia as an international media player in the knowledge industry with its quality products and services.

I once again thank all the investors for supporting CyberMedia's IPO. I look forward to continued value creation in the future.

Pradeep Gupta
chairman and managing director
CyberMedia (India) Limited

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