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Varda Biotech offers Taq DNA Polymerase

Varda Biotech offers Taq DNA Polymerase

Varda Biotech offers Taq DNA Polymerase

Varda Biotech's latest offering is Taq DNA Polymerase. Varda Biotech Taq polymerase (VerTaq) is a recombinant thermostable enzyme which consists of a single polypeptide chain with a molecular weight 94 kDa. It is highly processive DNA polymerase lacking 3-5' exonuclease activity. The enzyme exhibits highest activity at a pH around 9 with optimum temperature of 72 °C. The Taq polymerase is stable during prolonged incubations at elevated temperatures (95 °C) during PCR reactions.

The enzyme is highly purified and is free of non-specific nucleases and any trace amount of contaminating DNA. The stringent quality control of the enzyme assures outstanding batch-to-batch consistency eliminating testing of each new lot of Taq polymerase. The enzyme is supplied at 3000 units per mL along with optimized 10X reaction buffer for most PCR applications ranging from 100 bp to 4 kb of the target DNA. The enzyme is routinely tested for RT-PCR, RAPD and cycle sequencing. It is available in bulk pack and custom packs.

For details contact: info@vardabiotech.com, mahesh@vardabiotech.com

JH Bio Innovations markets AlphaDigiDoc RT

AlphaDigiDoc RT is the economical gel documentation system from Alpha Innotech Corporation that provides real time imaging. Ideal for individual users with a limited budget the AlphaDigiDoc RT can utilize an existing computer or transilluminator.

The new AlphaDigiDoc RT digital imaging system provides easy-to-use real time sample positioning with a compact space requirement set at an affordable cost that fits most laboratory budgets. AlphaDigiDoc RT is paired with the AlphaEase FC Imaging Analysis software that combines unrivaled ease of use with a comprehensive set of documentation, analysis and image enhancement tools. Bangalore-based JH Bio Innovations has been marketing this product of Alpha Innotech Corporation in India.

For details contact: sales@jhindia.com, info@jhindia.com


Whatman offers ArrayVision

ArrayVision is a flexible software package from Whatman that has been developed for the quantification of gene expression arrays. It is suited for the quantification of proteins. It provides rapid and automated analysis for array images in a few easy steps. The software is designed with maximum flexibility to suit the needs of any size lab and uses configurable protocols to suit any array format. When ArrayVision is used with FAST Quant, data can be anlaysed within minutes after scanning to provide quantitative results. ArrayVision FAST includes templates designed to fit FAST Quant, and can also be used to analyse scanned Serum Biomarker Chip slides.

For details contact: whatmanp@vsnl.com

Biodigital offers Biochrom's techs to Indian firms

UV/Visible Spectrophotometry is a fundamental analytical technique. Together with suitable sample handling accessories, it is used in laboratories for absorbance and transmission measurements of samples in all application areas. Biochrom, using its Ultrospec, GeneQuant, Libra and WPA brand names, manufactures and extensive range of attractive UV/Visible products and accessories. Amongst other technological advances, these instruments feature PTR (Press to Read) capability, which dramatically extends the lifetime of the source lamps.

Libra S21 and S22 are simple-to-use instruments with advanced performance, incorporating xenon lamp technology for longer source lifetime and lower maintenance costs. A further benefit of this design is optical noise compensation to improve signal to background measurements. Instrument Performance Validation (IPV) is included as standard, and will benefit any laboratory that needs to prove the quality of their results.

In addition to measuring absorbance, transmittance and concentration, they provide a standard curve routine for analyte determination. Wavelength scan, absorbance changes with time, reaction rate determinations and standard curves can be displayed as graphics and printed out. User defined equations can be entered using multi-wavelength mode and methods can be saved in separate operator folders. The instrument can be upgraded for more sophisticated applications, as well as data manipulation, with Acquire Software and a PC. Biodigital India has been acting as a distributor for Biochrom's products in India.

For details contact: mail@biodigitalindia.com


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