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Rides a steady growth curve

DSS Imagetech

Head: Arvinder Dhingra (CEO)
Business: Suppliers of clinical lab, biotech research instruments and tools
Start-up Year:1965
Address: A-5, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, New Delhi-110044
Tel: +91-11-30886763
Fax: +91-11-41678694
Website: www.dssimage.com

Life Sciences Business
(in Rs Crore)

Rs 88.08 Crore

DSS enjoys a unique position as the most informed supplier of microscopes and digital imaging solutions in the country
DSS Imagetech has grown at a steady pace and it aspires to become a complete solution provider

From a small family-owned business to steadily becoming a contemporary business group, DSS Imagetech has come a long way to create a niche for itself. This 50-year-old company in the biosupplier field is providing cutting-edge technology solutions to researchers and clinicians in different areas of life sciences. The product range and application areas include microscopy, image analysis software systems, genetic workstation, DNA probes and microarray readers.

The international companies that DSS represents in India under its micro-imaging division are Olympus (Japan), Tokai Hit (Japan), Andor Technology (UK), Jenoptik (Germany), Molecular Machines & Industries (Switzerland), MBF Bioscience (US), and Genetix (UK). The life sciences division of the company represents Abbott Molecular (US), Dako (Denmark), TaKaRa Clontech (Japan), Macherey Nagel (Germany), Fluidigm (US), Carestream Molecular Imaging (US), Digilab Genomic Solutions (US), Nomadics (US), and Non Linear Dynamics (UK). The medical division of the company represents Olympus Medical Systems, CAE Healthcare (Canada), and GMV Corporation (Spain).

Micro-imaging division is the oldest division of DSS and is the backbone of the company. DSS enjoys a unique position as the most informed supplier of microscopes and digital imaging solutions in the country. The company focuses on various instruments and equipment such as biological microscopes, image analysis systems, cooled/non-cooled scientific cameras and cytogenetic equipments.

DSS continues to provide training in the field of IHC, FISH and advance imaging through its training division, to enable the customer to hone their experimental skills. To tap the rapidly growing medical and surgical market in India, DSS recently set up its medical division and tied up with Olympus Medical Systems for their gastroenterology and bronchoscopy products for the North and East India.

The company has an association with CAE Healthcare, Canada; and GMV Corporation, Spain; for their surgical simulators to provide TouchSense haptic technology that provides a realistic, engaging, and multi-sensory learning experience for medical education.

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