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CPI International launches medium for coliform testing

CPI International launches medium for coliform testing

CPI International launches medium for coliform testing

US-based CPI International has launched Colitag, which is a selective and differential medium for the enumeration of total coliforms and E. coli in drinking water, surface, and source water samples. This is a one-step, ready-to-use medium, to be combined with a water sample. The product is designed to test water or other samples for coliform and/or E. coli bacteria in 24 ± 2 hours and does not require further confirmation or verification steps. Colitag detects 1 colony-forming unit (CFU) of E. coli and other coliform bacteria per 100 ml water sample. It detects both MUG-negative and MUG-positive E.coli in one test and includes built-in ability to detect E.coli using the reliable indole test. Colitag is being distributed in India exclusively by Delhi-based Genetix Biotech Asia.

For details, contact: genetix@genetixbiotech.com

Sigma introduces iLAP columns

Sigma, a division of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation has launched a new HIS-Select Integrated Lysis and Affinity Purification (iLAP) 5 ml Column (Product code H9913). The HIS-Select iLAP column is an innovative, patent-pending method that combines cell lysis and histidine- tagged protein purification steps into one step, allowing fast, efficient and non-denaturing protein extraction directly from microbial cultures.

The HIS-Select iLAP column consists of a novel single-use, disposable column designed for the one-step purification of histidine-tagged proteins directly from a 5 ml bacterial culture. This product maximizes the speed and efficiency of recombinant protein extraction while eliminating sample loss. The column contains highly specific HIS-Select nickel chelate matrix and highly efficient CelLytic Express, both present in a convenient tablet format. The column is designed for the simultaneous, direct lysis of a 5 ml bacterial culture and affinity capture of the target histidine-tagged protein without any additional manipulation required (such as centrifugation). As the culture is lysed in the column, the target protein is captured on the same highly selective HIS-Select Affinity Gel. The resulting purified protein is compatible with protein assays, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting and MALDI.

For details, contact: somhamed@sial.com

LabVantage releases Sapphire R4.4

LabVantage Solutions has announced the availability of its new release Sapphire R4.4. Sapphire R4.4 has new features and benefits including: Architectural Enhancements, Enhanced Scheduling, M18N Internationalization, Improvements, Advanced Analytical Quality Control Functionality, Programmable Business Rules, New Archiver Module, Improved Patching Capabilities, Clustering Module, Evergreen Configuration Tool Enhancements, Enhanced Stability & Shelf-Life Testing Module, LDAP Capabilities and BioBanking Module. As an added benefit to current maintenance and port customers, LabVantage announced that it would perform free virtual installations and upgrades of Sapphire on any licensed server.

For details, contact: kingshukd@labvantage-asia.com

Alfa Laval offers SaniJet 25 cleaning device

The SaniJet 25 cleaning device from Alfa Laval is the first ever dynamic tank cleaning machine designed for use in ultra-hygienic industries including biotechnology that follow European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group Guidelines (EHEDG). SaniJet 25 is a sanitary cleaning device of the rotary jet head type. It cleans in a 360° indexed pattern ensuring that the cleaning media covers the entire internal surface of the tank. The device is designed for permanent installation. It is completely self-cleaning and self-draining and provision for cleaning the downpipe. All product contact surfaces are either 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel or FDA approved polymer materials. All product contact surfaces are polished to 0,8 micrometer or better. The SaniJet 25 is as a standard delivered with a 2.2 certificate of compliance, but 3.1 B full traceability certificate is available as an option. Furthermore, product contact surfaces polished to 0,5 micrometer is also available as an option.

The design and material selection complies with cGMP guidelines and with FDA requirements. It is suitable for use in fermentation, mixing, processing and storage tanks and vessels from 15 and 150 m³. The SaniJet 25 is especially well suited for cleaning applications of highly viscous, foaming or thrixotropic products and applications where reproducible and high standard cleaning results are required. The machine uses jets of cleaning media to provide full impact coverage of all internal surfaces of the tanks. Plant downtime for cleaning is minimized using impact coverage.

For details, contact: bvk.rao@alfalaval.com

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