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Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory Eppendorf India plans to keep track of regional requirements and provide innovative value

Innovation Factory
Eppendorf India plans to keep track of regional requirements and provide innovative value-added solutions to strengthen its presence in the biotech market.

Eppendorf develops, pro- duces and distrib- utes sytems for use in life sciences research laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes, dispensers and centrifuges as well as consumables such as micro test tubes and pipette tips. In addition, Eppendorf provides instruments and systems for cell manipulation, automated devices for liquid handling, complete equipment for DNA amplification and biochips.

Eppendorf products are aimed at academic and commercial research institutes as well as industrial companies in the field of biotechnology or in the other sectors using biotech research processes. Major developments in 2006 include introduction of instruments such as Mastercycler ep Realplex – small, fast, flexible realtime PCR, epMotion – Smart automated liquid handling workstations, FemtoJet express – Heavy duty microinjector features the injection of larger volumes in short intervals.

Eppendorf India Ltd is the Indian arm of Eppendorf AG, Germany. The company moved into a new facility in Chennai in September 2005. In addition to sales and marketing offices, the new facilities include an applications lab and a training center. Eppendorf India trains customers on specific high-tech topics such as realtime PCR and liquid handling automation. The lab also serves for demonstration purposes as a continuing exhibition of state-of-the-art research tools.

Eppendorf India recently launched epMotion and Realplex. epMotion is "Pipette in a box" that can be used for basic liquid handling applications in an automated way. epMotion would be useful for sample preparation of PCR/realtime PCR in the 96-well and 384-well formats. Mastercycler ep realplex is a quantitative realtime PCR. Realpex Gradient Fast PCR System and Realplex Gradient ULTRA Fast PCR System are the two basic models available with both 2 and 4 color multiplexing. Realplex supports chemistries that include SYBR green dye, Taqman, Molecular Beacon, Scorpions. Eprealplex is chemically open and accommodates consumables and reagents from any supplier. Ajdjustable ramp rates available in the instrument allow easy transfer of established protocols. Broad range gradient for optimizing customized assays is an added advantage of the instrument.

Last year, Eppendorf India has sold several Realtime PCR and liquid handling workstations. Major customers for realtime PCR include Nicholas Piramal, JK Agri Genetics and National Centre for Cell Sciences, Epmotion system has been installed at Orchid Chemicals, Nicholas Piramal, National Centre for Cell Sciences and Madurai Kamaraj University to name a few.


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