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Panacea leverages new opportunities

The FY 2009-10 has been a year of consolidation and rationalization for Panacea. Its biotech revenue reached Rs 703.10 crore in 2009 with 17 percent growth

Panacea Biotec

Dr Rajesh Jain, JMD

Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines

Startup Year:

B-1, Extn./G-3, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044

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Panacea has registered a total biotech turnover of Rs 703.10 crore in 2009 with a 17 percent growth over last fiscal. The vaccine segment of the company too has grown by 18 percent and registered a turnover of Rs 644.40 crore. The company registered a turnover of Rs.882.30 crore in 2009-10 with a growth rate of 14 percent over last year.

The company has played a key role in eradicating polio by supplying more than 600 crore doses of oral polio vaccine to the Government of India and UNICEF. The company has eight WHO pre-qualified vaccines including innovative fully-liquid combination tetravalent vaccine Easyfour (DTwP-Hib) and pentavalent vaccine Easyfive (DTwP – Hep B– Hib). It is one of the first companies to develop fully-liquid pentavalent vaccine Easyfive (DTwP-HepB –Hib ) and bivalent OPV globally.

The pharma product portfolio of Panacea Biotec includes highly-innovative prescription products in important therapeutic segments like pain management, diabetes and cardiovascular disease management, renal disease management, organ transplantation, osteoporosis management, oncology and paediatric immunization. The brands Willgo, Glizid, Glizid M, Panimum Bioral, Pangraf, Sitcom, Livoluk Fibre, Vacosteo and Fosbait hold the top five positions in their respective therapeutic segments.

In FY 2009-10, Panacea Biotec has unveiled nine products in highly-specialized therapeutic segments in domestic market that earned revenues of Rs 7 crore in FY 2010-11. Extensive portfolio of innovative products is the outcome of company's focus on R&D. The specific research areas of the company are developing new chemical entities, biological entities, novel drug delivery systems, novel therapeutic peptides and fully-human monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and biotech-driven products.

Dr Rajesh Jain, joint managing director, Panacea Biotec, said, “We believe that innovation delivers sustainable business value. With strong fundamentals, innovative product pipeline and increased focus on launching products in developed markets we would be growing at a much faster pace to realize our vision.”

Panacea Biotec has novel cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biopharmaceuticals. “Development of Pandyflu (Pandemic flu vaccine) within short span of time was test of our technological, managerial, operative and administrative competency. I am proud that the company has once again exhibited its strength. We are determined to continuously reinvent ourselves and fuelling innovation engine for growth,” said Dr Jain.

Panacea Biotec has set up a new BSL2 level manufacturing unit (high-containment facility) with BSL 3 practices in Punjab for manufacturing of Pandyflu with an annual capacity of 4.5 crore doses. This would enable the company to supply the vaccine globally.

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