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Profiles Ranking

 Rank >>21 Genaxy Scientific
34.00 crore
CEO: Navneet Trehan
Business: Biotechnology research products
Overview: Besides being known for its plasticware products, Genaxy Scientific deals in lab consumables, automation, and specialized kits and reagents for 2D electrophoresis. The company is also set to launch Gentrox, which includes ready-to-use media, a range of powdered and liquid media, and some innovative bioreagents.
Performance: The company is trying to attain a leadership position in genomics and proteomics

 Rank >>22 Ultra Group
30.00 crore
Managing partners: Rajesh and Jaya Ganesh
Business: Distributors of chemicals, chromatography consumables, and laboratory instruments
Overview: The Ultra Group has three divisions to cater to the different aspects in the supplier market: Ultra Lab Products for lab consumables, Ultra International for the authorized import of chemicals and solvents for liquid chromatography, and Ultra Instruments for laboratory instruments.
Performance: In the span of eight years Ultra expanded its base to Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

 Rank >>23 Techcomp India
30.00 crore
MD: Manmeet Singh
Business: Distributor of life sciences equipments
Overview: Techcomp India, offers life science analytical instruments and bio-safety products. It has been a key supplier of centrifuges of different range; deep freezers; ovens; incubators; climatic cabinets from Froilabo, France; UV-VIS spectrophotometers; ELISA readers from Dynamica, Australia; balances from Precisa, Switzerland.
Performance: The company successfully emerged as a leading supplier of Hitachi brand centrifuges.

 Rank >>24 Biotron Healthcare
27.10 crore
Director – Sales: Venkatesh Voleti
Business: Distributor of drug discovery, liquid handling, and molecular diagnostics solutions
Overview: Biotron offers industry solutions in the field of life sciences and drug discovery. Its main principals are based in Europe, USA and Japan. Biotron recently commenced manufacturing of magnetic-based nucleic extraction systems in technical collaboration with PSS, Japan. Its product offering for drug discovery include multi label detection systems from BMG Lab Tech, Germany and HTS assays for GPCR, kinases, and biomarkers.
Performance: Biotron received ISO certification in March 2012. A state-of-the-art clean room facilities and QC/QA lab has been setup on par with international standard at Navi Mumbai.

 Rank >>25 Skytech Systems
27.00 crore
CEO: Chandrahas Shetty
Business: Importer and distributor of analytical instruments
Overview: Skytech provides service and application support to QA/QC, R&D, process, testing labs, research institutes, and universities. It also offers analyzers on rental bases. The company represents several leading manufacturers like ThermoFisher Scientific, UK; GE Analytical, USA.

 Rank >>26 Biogentek BG
26.00 crore
MD: Sanjay Gulati
Business: Suppliers of cell culture equipment, consumables and biotech research instruments
Overview: Biogentek BG has a well defined network of its own offices and personnel all over India. The company represents principals such as Kuhner, Switzerland for shakers; Labconco, USA for freeze dryers, water purification systems; Leec, UK for the CO2 incubators; Nexcelom Biosciences, USA for automatic cell counters; Statebourne, UK for liquid nitrogen containers for sample storage.
Performance: The company has been consolidating its business and is currently looking forward to new collaborations.

 Rank >>27 Biodigital
26.00 crore
CEO: Vijay Bakhru
Business: Distributor of life sciences equipment
Overview: Biodigital represents Syngene, Martin Christ, Dometic, Mennert, Biochrom, Kinematica, and Marvel Scientific, in India. The range of products offered by the company are in three market areas such as life sciences and biotechnology markets, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. It provides production scale freeze drying machines for the pharmaceutical industry. In the healthcare sector, the company provides cold chain and blood chain systems for storage and transportation of vaccines, blood, and other thermo-labile substances.

 Rank >>28 PREMAS Life Sciences
25.82 crore
MD: Praveen Gupta
Business: Distributor of genome sequencing tools
Overview: Besides being a full fledged contract research and manufacturing services organization (CRAMS), PREMAS Biotech has also been into the marketing of genome sequencing instruments from Illumina, USA. The company has now segregated its biosupplier division, naming it as PREMAS Life Sciences.
Performance: During the year, PREMAS signed distribution contract with companies such as Fluidigm, Biomatrica, ACD, Opgen, Prionics, and Trinean.

 Rank >>29 BI Biotech
21.05 crore
MD: Vinaya K Dubey
Business: Distributor of research reagents & instruments
Overview: BI Biotech is a distributor of ubiquitin research products, reagents, consumables and equipment for proteomics, genomics, cell biology, immunology, health-care, and drug development. The company represents Anaspec, Bellco Glass, GlobalStem, R&D Systems, Ray Biotech, Santa Cruz, SABiosciences, and USA Scientific.
Performance: The company has acquired 30,000 sq ft facility at Manesar, Haryana for its laboratory and services facility.

 Rank >>30 Saksham Technologies
19.23 crore
Chief Customer Support: Sameer Maheshwari
Business: Distribution of refrigeration, clean room equipment, clean air systems, pressure vessels, etc.
Overview: The company is a supplier of laboratory instruments, clean room equipment and industrial projects.
Performance: It registered 20 percent growth. The company distributes instruments and equipment of PG Instruments, Allentown & Steelco, and Germfree. Some of the major deals include Steris steam sterilizers which were provided to Neo Pharma, Abu Dhabi for the value of 3 crore.

 Rank >>31 Sisco Research Laboratories
18.46 crore
MD: S K Agarwal
Business: Manufacturer and supplier of laboratory chemicals and allied products
Overview: Sisco supplies to almost 4000 research institutes within India and to almost 80 countries world-wide. The company through it's Bio-Indenta division, represents international speciality companies such as Carbosynth, Research Organics, Bachem, MagnaMedics Diagnostics, Silicycle, and VHG Labs.
Performance: Sisco has successfully launched nanotechnology products. It also saw a multi-fold increase in the sale of key products like agarose, sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), bisacrylamides and other electrophoresis reagents. It completed the acquisition of Chennai-based biotech company, Madras Biotech (MBT).

 Rank >>32 Gordhandas Desai
18.00 crore
CMD: Mayur Patel
Business: Manufacturer of laboratory furniture and fume hood systems
Overview: Gordhandas Desai, Baroda has been marketing its products under the Labexcel brand for the past 35 years. The company has one of the widest customer bases in India. It offers complete laboratory engineering solutions from design to manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning, and annual maintenance.
Performance: The company has built India's first fume hood testing laboratory as per international standards.

 Rank >>33 Krishgen
15.00 crore
COO and Marketing Head: Dr Kalpesh Jain
Business: Distributor and manufacturer
Overview: As a manufacturer of research kits and distributor of research and diagnostics products, Krishgen offers custom services to the clients.
Performance: The company introduced new ELISA kits and purchased novel technology instruments for the lab. It also established a R&D unit with all necessary infrastructure and resources to launch Rituximab ELISA and Protein ELISA kit.

 Rank >>34 PharmaLab India
15.00 crore
Director: Karnik Parikh
Business: Manufacturer and supplier of equipment
Overview: The company is a manufacturer and supplier of process equipment and packaging machines to pharmaceutical industry. It also caters to other segments which include chemicals, foods and beverages, consumer products etc.
Performance: PharmaLab increased the market share in 2011-12 with major focus on exports. There has been an improvement in product quality so as to match with international suppliers.

 Rank >>35 Anton Paar India
15.00 crore
MD: Rishi Kaushik
Business: Manufacturer and distributor of life sciences equipment
Overview: Anton Paar India is a subsidiary of Anton Paar GmbH. It produces high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for industrial and research applications. The product portfolio includes polarimetry, refractometry and concentration measurement, and highly accurate laboratory instruments such as rheometers and viscometers.
Performance: The company has initiated a state-of-the-art application support laboratory that is staffed by trained chemists and supports users with method development and optimization.

 Rank >>36 Trident Equipments
14.85 crore
MD: V Kamaraj
Business: Distributor of scientific instruments
Overview: The company represents some of the world's leading companies in electrochemistry, spectroscopy, color analysis, drug discovery, process analysis, biotechnology, and microbiology. It offers products and services in lab equipment such as pH meters, shakers,CO2 incubators, deep freezers, roll in systems, air samplers, spectrophotometers and ToC analyzers; and drug discovery systems like liquid handling systems, PKA/LOGP systems, solubility and permeability systems and rapid microbiological identification systems.
 Rank >>37 Esco Biotech
14.74 crore
Chief Customer Support: Sameer Maheshwari
Business: Distributor of laboratory equipment
Overview: The company accomplished a joint venture with Esco Micro. Esco is a supplier of laboratory equipment to biotech and pharmaceutical sector with emphasis on after-sales service support.
Performance: Esco was awarded the contract to provide around 125 biological safety cabinets to SAIC-Frederick, in Maryland, US. The company bagged an order to supply Esco Class II biological safety cabinets to Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

 Rank >>38 Biohouse Solutions
13.22 crore
CEO: Rupinder Singh
Business: Distributor of life sciences research products
Overview: Biohouse Solutions came into effect with the merger between Solution One and Molecular Solutions. The company serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, pharma, and biotech industry.
Performance:The company credited its growth to technical selling approach. Besides launching Thermo Instrumentation range of products, it also introduced Roche products in Delhi-NCR market.

 Rank >>39 JH BIO Innovations
12.00 crore
MD: K Hari Kumar
Business: Supplier of scientific lab equipments
Overview:JH BIO Innvoations is a Bangalore-based, medium-sized innovative company dealing in laboratory instruments and equipment. The company deals with equipment such as electrophoresis, PCR, gel documentation systems, UV-visible spectrophotometers and has now ventured into distributing technically advanced microscopes.
Performance:It launched digital inverted microscope from Advance Microscopy group and other products like Hunter RT-PCR and cell counter from Orflow, and medical diagnostics from Instantlabs.

 Rank >>40 Cryogen Instruments
12.00 crore
Director: Dr Ashes Ganguly
Business: Sales and service support
Overview:The company is engaged in nuclear magnetic resonance, speciality gas, lims, and cryofill service market.
Performance:Cryogen's NMR business has increased substantially. It has launched isotopic chemicals for PET-CT.

 Rank >>41 Axiom Biotech
9.80 crore
Director: Amit Dahiya
Business: Distributor of lifesciences research products
Overview:Axiom Biotek has been present in India for seven years.
Performance:Axiom Biotech helped to establish a centralized facility for Zebra fish research in TIFR/NCRA, Pune. It was also involved in establishing primate housing for NIRRH through University of Washington.

 Rank >>42 Chromous Biotech
7.50 crore
MD: Dr Biswajit Roy
Business: Molecular biology related products
Overview:Chromous Biotech manufactures more than 400 different reagents, enzymes, and kits for molecular biology research. Currently it has more than 50 dealers covering 41 cities.
Performance:Chromous expanded its workforce by recruiting 50 marketing executives and increased the market representation. It also launched a mutant Taq polymerase which completes PCR reaction in 40 minutes. The company also launched a new website and received three BIPP grants to its credit.

 Rank >>43 Raj Analytical Services
7.00 crore
MD: Taranjeet Singh Bhuee
Business: Distributor of chromatography consumables
Overview:Raj Analytical is engaged in importing and supplying of chromatography items and accessories in India. The company supplies a wide range of chromatography products that include gas chromatography, flash chromatography, HPLC, autosampler, instruments, TLC, autosampler, standards and liquid handling products among others. Few of the principals of the company are ZirChrom, Poly LC, CERI, Hamilton, Chemco, Polymer Laboratories, and Varian.
Performance:The company has started all round technical support to the chromatographers in terms of troubleshooting and application support.

 Rank >>44 Marsap Services
5.90 crore
MD: Gautam Rajan
Business: Distributor of pre clinical drug discovery instrumentation
Overview:Marsap provides instrumentation for drug discovery
Performance:The company entered into a joint venture with Iworx Systems, USA, to manufacture and market teaching and research physiology equipment in India. Another major accomplishment was the first sale of clinical microdialysis instruments in India, which will be installed at a major research institute. It also baged a major order from JIPMER.

 Rank >>45 Future Biosciences
5.00 crore
CEO: Navneet Trehan
Business: Biotechnology research products
Overview:Founded in 2005, Future Biosciences has been supplying plastic disposables, tissue culture ware, chemical reagents, liquid handling systems, molecular biology equipments including electrophoresis, spectrophotometers, micro plates readers, and manual sequencers to the industry. The company has associated itself with the global giants such as TPP, HTL, and Cleaver Scientific.

 Rank >>46 Bio-Age Equipments & Services
3.05 crore
MD: Shashi Kumar Rana
Business: Distributor of life sciences equipments
Overview: The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company involved in manufacturing, sale and after-sale services in the areas of industrial biotech products like fermentors and water purification systems. Bio-Age has collaborated with Grant Instruments, UK; Picodrop, UK; and E-Chrom Tech, Taiwan.
Performance: Bio-Age has upgraded both bioreactors and water purification systems with controlled features matching to the international standards.

 Rank >>47 Tecpharma Systems
2.5 crore
CEO: Korripati Pullaiah
Business: Supplier of scientific instruments
Overview: Tecpharma is a Hyderabad-based distributor of laboratory equipment including a large selection centrifuges from Centurion Scientific, HPLC consumables from Worldwide Glass Resources, deep freezers from Haier, biosafety cabinets, water baths, magnetic stirrers and vortexes, rockers, animal lab equipment, animal behavior, and physiology equipment.
Performance: The company currently employs more than 18 people and offers services in cities such as Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore and Lucknow.

 Rank >>48 Advanced Technologies
1.95 crore
MD: Ranjan Kalla
Business: Distributor and importer of life science research equipment
Overview: Advanced Technologies is the supplier for innovative research animal housing equipment, zebrafish re-circulatory systems, radio-labelled biochemicals, antibodies, detergents, anesthesia, diet, enrichment, washers, autoclaves, surgery and tattooing systems, neurology, diagnostic and toxicology research, customs design, and planning of animal house.

 Rank >>49 Sangama Scientific
0.69 crore
CEO: Basavaraj Gadag
Business: Suppliers for scientific instruments
Overview: Sangama Scientific is a Bangalore-based distributor of scientific instruments, that are mainly used in pharmaceutical drug discovery, chemical synthesis, life science and biotechnology, and agricultural research. It represents various principals such as Zinsser Analytic for the automated systems for drug discovery and chemical synthesis, Seal Analytical for wet chemistry analysis, and Dynamica for UV-Vis spectrophotometers.
Performance: Sangama completed a major order from a reputed pharmaceutical company for the automation of polymorphism and salt screening studies.

 Rank >>50 3B BlackBio Biotech India
0.46 crore
Director: D K Dubey
Business: Manufacturer and supplier of molecular biology reagents, equip-ment and molecular diagnostic kits
Overview: The company is a joint venture of Kilpest India, 2B BlackBio S.L and Biotools B&M Labs. It provides integrated solutions in the areas of molecular diagnostics, pharmacogenomics and life sciences R&D and molecular biology products.
Performance: Its state-of-the-art GMP complaint production facility was started in Bhopal in 2011. The company launched nucleic acid isolation and purification kits, diagnostic kits for MTB, HBV, HCV and MDR-TB, bacterial sepsis and fungal sepsis kits.

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