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A trade show for the global industry

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A trade show for the global industry

analytica Anacon India 2007 will feature a portfolio of exhibits addressing the analysis, laboratory-technology, diagnostics and biotechnology sector in India, one of the industry's most important growth markets in Asia.

With some 150 exhibitors from eight countries and 2,700 expected guests, analytica Anacon India is continuing its success story (2006: 130 exhibitors and 2,592 visitors). When it opens its gates at its new location in the Hitex Exhibition Center in Hyderabad from October 31-November 2, 2007, event organizers are hopeful that visitors will find innovations as well as several new products and systems that will meet the needs of the Indian market. Leading international manufacturers in the laboratory-technology sector such as Agilent Technologies, Analytik Jena, Dionex, Eppendorf, Merck, Mettler Toledo, Millipore, Netzsch, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Sigma Aldrich, Thermo, Waters and Varian will exhibit at the new trade-fair center in Hyderabad.

The range of exhibits at analytica Anacon India 2007 has been broken down into categories for instrumental analysis, measuring and testing equipment and quality control, laboratory technology, biotechnology and diagnostics. analytica Anacon India is a trade show for the global industry: about half of the approximately 150 expected exhibitors are globally active companies and non-Indian manufacturers.

High-tech solutions

Analysis is an innovative market with plenty of new developments regarding laboratory robots, biochips and rapid testing. Analysis is also a driving force behind innovations in key markets such as genetic research, medicine, pharma, food and the environment-especially in India. For this reason, analytica Anacon India 2007 is the exhibition platform in India for gathering information on the latest trends and developments. It examines trends in the analysis industry for medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental protection, the food industry and manufacturing. At analytica Anacon India 2007, key international players as well as major Indian manufacturers will showcase be on hand to give visitors a comprehensive overview of all the high-tech solutions that the Indian laboratories in industry and science need.

Scientific conference and related-events program

Besides giving the visitors an opportunity to look at the industry's latest solutions and innovations, analytica Anacon India 2007 promises to be a platform for the international experts from industry and university to discuss key issues. As in the past, this year's fair will feature the scientifically oriented analytica Anacon conference. It includes lectures, organized by the Indian Analytical Instruments Association (IAIA). On all three days of the fair, 24 prominent experts and scientists from around the world will present the latest analysis techniques and discuss potential applications in science and industry.

The motto of the conference is "Analytical instrumentation: Enabling Technologies for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences". Topics range from new applications in the genomics sector and new generations of equipment for mass spectroscopy and chromatography to potential applications in drug development, material research and the life sciences. For example, Karl-Siegfried Boos from the University Hospital in Munich will give a lecture on "Trends in on-line SPE-LC-MS analysis of drugs in biofluids". Chris Loran from Thermo Scientific will report on "Ultra HPLC in drug discovery" and Prof. Dr Antonius Kettrup from the Technical University in Munich will talk about "Environmental monitoring using instrumental analysis and bioassays".

The elements of the analytica Anacon India exhibitions concept includes not only an exhibition and a conference, but also contact platforms to support the networking between experts and visitors: On November 1, 2007, the "International Technology Cooperation intec.net" is organizing a networking event for the participants. For the Indian representatives of analytical and biotechnical companies and the universities the participation is free of charge.

New location, new timeframe

As a spin-off of analytica, the leading international trade fair in Munich, analytica Anacon India 2007 gives users and decision-makers in scientific and industrial laboratories in India a platform for contacting international and national suppliers. "For visitors, it is the exhibition in India that covers this attractive, rapidly growing market for analysis, biotechnology, laboratory technology and services" say the organizers.

analytica Anacon India 2007 is being held for the fourth time from October 31 to November 2, 2007 – and for the first time at the new Hitex Exhibition Centre in Hyderabad. The fair's new location also comes with a new timeframe -in the future, Analytica Anacon India will be held every two years during uneven years.


"analytica Anacon India is the largest show of its kind in the industry"

-Kurt Schraudy, head of business unit - new technologies, Messe Munchen International

What are the main features of analytica Anacon India 2007?

If we talk about features I would say analytica Anacon India is the largest show of its kind in the industry. It will have a high share of international participation, high quality service level and excellent infrastructure. There are eight exhibition halls of 11,000 sft each. IMAG- Internationaler Messe-und Ausstellungsdienst GmbH, a subsidiary of Munich International Trade Fairs is organizing the trade show and Indian Analytical Instruments Association (IAIA) will be organizing the conference. Both are again supported by Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC). The theme of the conference is "Analytical Instrumentation-Enabling Technologies for Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences". International scientists and researchers from the industrial sector have been invited as speakers and will discuss the latest analysis trends and techniques. There would be a CEO round table conference as well.

Why has Hyderabad been chosen for the event this time?

Hyderabad is emerging as a center for the pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies. There is also a huge crowd of customers there and it is the customers to whom the instruments need to be shown. So looking at the visitors' perspective, we chose Hyderabad for the event. The Hitex Exhibition Center in Hyderabad where the event is going to be organized is very well located and has good infrastructure for international exhibitors. We had previously organized analytica Anacon India in Mumbai and Bangalore. So we wanted to explore other places too. Moreover expectations were not very well met in Bangalore the last time. The new location has been selected mainly in keeping with the wishes of the exhibitors and other representatives of the analysis sector.

How significant is the event to the Indian industry?

India is the most important growth market for the analysis and laboratory sector in Asia.

In India, the demand for analysis and laboratory-technology products, is also high and is expected to continue growing in the years to come. analytica Anacon is an international trade show where companies from all over the world exhibit and showcase a full range of their products to the customers. It is the exhibition platform in India for gathering information on the latest trends and developments and brings together suppliers and consumers at the highest level.

How successful has the event been so far?

I would say it has been very successful and this is the reason why we are able to make good promotions. There is a method through which we judge the success of any event. The logic is the companies who participated last time should be there in the next event. Most of the companies who had participated last year have booked a much bigger space this time which indicates that exhibiting the products in analytica Anacon have been useful to them. Till date 2000 smt space have already been reserved and we did not expect this much of space will be booked so soon. It is because of the success that we have got we are organizing the event in India regularly since its premiere in 2003.

Which are the major companies participating in the event?

Besides all the big players like Agilent Technologies, Millipore, Thermo Electron, Eppendorf and many others, a few small companies have also registered. I would advise the small emerging companies that they should definitely take advantage of this event in highlighting themselves to the industry. It provides them with an opportunity for building business relations and a platform for the exchange of information.

Could you please tell us something about the subsidiary that has been set up in India?

Munich International Trade Fairs have recently received the license for the Indian subsidiary named Messe Munchen International India Pvt Ltd in Mumbai headed by Manmeet Saberwal. The company will be organizing the popular events in India including Electronic India in September 2008 and Drink Tech in November this year.

Jahanara Parveen


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