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Enzymatic Endeavors

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Enzymatic Endeavors

Novozymes produces and sells more than 600 enzyme products in 130 different countries, the largest geographical markets being Europe, North America and Asia.

Novozymes South Asia

Business: Industrial enzymes

CEO: GS Krishnan

Biotech Revenue: Rs 100 crore

Start-up Year: 2000

Address: #16, 7th Floor, Innovator, International Technology Park, Whitefield Road, Bangalore - 560 066

Tel.: 91-80-28418275

Fax: 91-80-28410451

Website: www.novozymesbiotech.com

Headquartered in Denmark, Novozymes is a group company of Novo Nordisk. In India, the company is represented by Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd, located in Bangalore. Through its wide network of sales and marketing professionals, Novozymes South Asia is exploring the Indian market for the product range offered by the company.

Novozymes produces and sells more than 600 products in 130 different countries, the largest geographical markets being Europe, North America and Asia. Its products play an important role in the production of thousands of products from foods and textiles to cleaning and wastewater treatment. The biotech tools used by the company include gene technology, microbiological techniques and fermentation technology.

Enzymes and microorganisms for industrial use account for 95 percent and 5 percent of Novozymes' business respectively. The industrial enzymes are divided into three categories: technical enzymes; food enzymes; and feed enzymes. Technical enzymes include products for the detergent industry, the starch, textile, fuel ethanol, pharmaceutical, and various smaller industries. Food enzymes include products for the baking industry, the brewing, beverage alcohol industries and other food industries such as the dairy industry and the oils and fats industry. Novozymes has developed enzymes like Ultrazym CP-L, Ultrazym EX-L, Novoferm C-L to get better clarification and extraction of wine. The industrial microorganisms business area includes sales of microorganisms for aquaculture, wastewater treatment, cleaning and biological plant care.

Novozymes has decided to build new laboratory and office facilities in Bangalore. Thereby, Novozymes establishes R&D operations in India for the first time. The new R&D unit in India will initially focus on optimizing enzyme properties. The new buildings are expected to be completed mid-2008 and will provide office and laboratory space for 50-60 employees in total. According to Torben Vedel Borchert, director of protein optimization in Novozymes and responsible for the new department, the reasons for establishing R&D in India include the workforce and the academic environment. Novozymes spends about 13 percent of its turnover on research and development. And around one tenth of its expenditure on R&D is used in new areas, in line with its strategy of building up new business areas beyond enzymes and microorganisms.


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