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Delivering high performance

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Delivering high performance

Agilent Technologies has consolidated its chromatography and mass spectrometry business to register a record business of Rs 277.77 crore.

The life sciences sector has been one of the key growth areas for Agilent India. The growing awareness and requirements from the regulatory stand point, both in the pharma and non-pharma segments, have been the strong driving forces behind the company's rapid growth. The company's strong global presence and reliability as a solution provider have made an increasing number of Indian customers look upon Agilent as their reliable partners in the growth path.

Agilent India's life sciences business, in 2007-08, stood at Rs 277.77 crore, registering 43 percent growth over that in the previous fiscal. "The pharma sector has been a large contributor to the total revenues of Agilent's Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis (LSCA) business, a major share of which came from the regulated pharma," said Sanjeev Dhar, country manager, LSCA group, Agilent Technologies.

Agilent's core strength has been its chromatography business. Its industry-benchmarked 1200 series HPLC and 7890 GC have been its biggest revenue generators. According to Dhar, Agilent's Rapid Resolution LC (RRLC), a fast LC, has been a big success in the pharma segment. Agilent also launched 1120 Compact LC, a product for the mid range market segment and the product according to Dhar has received a positive feedback and the orders for the same are on the rise.

During the year, Agilent's mass spectrometry (LCMS and GCMS) products also saw a big jump in revenues. Today Agilent is one of the few players, which has a total portfolio of mass spectrometry techniques that span the various application needs of the industry. With the instrumentation needs growing, its portfolio of lab informatics solutions, like the enterprise content management, OpenLAB and Electronic Lab Notebook, has also showed high double digit growths.

The company announced its biggest sale to date of analytical instrumentation in India. The order was placed by Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd in December and it includes more than 50 instruments, mainly RRLC systems and gas chromatography systems and headspace samplers. In February this year, Agilent introduced the Rice Oligo DNA microarray 44K RAP-DB, a new microarray, which is based on the genome information compiled by the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS), Japan in its open database. The last fiscal has been rebound year for Agilent and it is clearly on its way to consolidate its position in the Indian market place.

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