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Profiles - Ranking 21- 60

 Rank >>21 Sanofi India (Formally Aventis Pharma)
Managing Director: Dr Shailesh Ayyangar
167* crore
Business: Marketing of insulin and GCSF products
Overview: Sanofi India provides medicines for the treatment of patients in several therapeutic areas: cardiology, thrombosis, oncology, diabetes, central nervous system, internal medicine and consumer healthcare.
Performance: It launched Insuman cartridges for diabetic patients. Its insulin portfolio products namely, Lantus, Insuman, Apidra had crossed the Rs 100 crore mark. Lantus grew by 32 per cent in value terms in the Indian market and today has a 11.7 per cent share in the market. It is also the 2nd leading insulin brand in the market. Apidra has a growth of nearly 23 per cent in the insulin segment.

 Rank >>22 Concord Biotech
MD&CEO: Sudhir Vaid 145.01 crore
Business: Manufacture of Enzymes, Fermentation & Semi-Synthetic bio-pharmaceuticals
Overview: Concord has over the years consolidated its position in the market as one of the prominent companies in the space of fermentation and semi-synthetic based products. Started with manufacture of Penicillin-G Amidase immobilized enzyme using its polymer matrix, today it has a portfolio of API in the area of Immunosuppressant, Antibiotics, Anti-fungal, Oncology, Anti-Obesity, Statins.
Performance: Concord launched new products and further strengthened its customer base globally. It has also entered into new therapeutic class of products like Oncology and Anti-obesity.

 Rank >> 23 Pfizer (Wyeth)
Managing Director& Director: Kewal Handa
102.98* crore
Business: Marking of vaccines
Overview: Wyeth, the subsidiary of Pfizer is targeted on marketing its vaccine products in India.
Performance: On stepping into their 11th successful year of delivering high quality medicines, Wyeth launches the adult vaccine, Prevenar 13 in India.

 Rank >> 24 Biological E
CMD: Dr V K Datla
98.96 crore
Business: Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals
Overview: Biological E, a leading expert in the area, supplies DPT vaccines to many governments. Their current focus is to accelerate the development of new vaccines.
Performance: Launches the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine and the Liquid Pentavalent vaccine, with the later clocking a revenue of over $20 mllion.

 Rank >> 25 Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
Country Head: Masood Alam
96.82* crore
Business: Healthcare, vaccines and diagnostics
Overview: The vaccine division in India aims at marketing and distribution of vaccines through subsidiary or joint ventures.
Performance: Has a market share of around 9-10 percent in India along with other MNC comepetitors. It's' Anti Rabies Vaccine, Rabipur is one of the top brands in the segment with a share of over 60 percent.

 Rank >> 26 Nath Seeds
MD: Nandkishore Kagliwal
90 crore
Business: Bt cotton and hybrids
Overview: Nath is a hybrid seeds company focused on field and vegetable crops.
Performance: Developed its own Bt cotton, Fusion, in association with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. About 11 lakh hectares of land under Nath seeds' cultivation. It is also working on Bt Brinjal and Bt rice.

 Rank >> 27 Dr Reddy's Laboratories
CEO and VC: G.V.Prasad
88* crore
Business: Biosimilar products
Overview: Dr Reddy's entered into biosimilars segment in 2001. Since then, it has sold about 1.4 million units of its biosimilars, across 12 countries treating approximately 90,000 patients.
Performance: Records an impressive growth, with 11 biosimilars in various stages of development and commercialization.

 Rank >> 28 Rossari Biotech
Director: Sunil Chari
79.2* crore
Business: Industrial enzymes
Overview: Rossari Biotech offers a wide range of enzyme solutions for the textile industry.
Performance: Having quality as the focal point, bought huge recognition to Rosdari Biotech. It also established a new plant near Silvassa.

 Rank >> 29 RFCL (Avantor company)
MD: Sushil Mehta
65 crore
Business: Diagnostics
Overview: Diagnova is the diagnostic division of RFCL , which is now part of US based Avantor Performance Materials, Inc. The business of Diagnova is divided into three strategic units: in vitro diagnostics, medical sciences, and life sciences.
Performance: The IVD business of the company saw the growth of 15% over the last year.

 Rank >> 30 Span Diagnostics
MD: Veeral Desai
58.52 crore
Business: In vitro diagnostics and medical devices
Overview: Span is a leading Indian manufacturer of diagnostics and exports its products to over 90 countries.
Performance: Forms a JV in South Africa and opens branch offices in Kenya and Uganda. To explore opportunities in contract manufacturing, it hived off its hematology analyzer business to Nihon Kohden Corporation.

 Rank >> 31 Maps Enzymes
CMD: Piyush Palkiwala
58 crore
Business: Enzymes and microorganisms
Overview: Maps provides over 110 enzymes for 10 different industries.
Performance: Introduces new products for effluent treatment using microbes. It also developed an innovative enzyme, Palkonol to convert biomass into cellulose.

 Rank >> 32 Cadila Healthcare
MD: Pankaj R Patel
56.5 crore
Business: Development and Marketing of Biologics products
Overview: Zydus' biotech activities looks at development of biosimilar therapeutic proteins, development of antibodies, development of vaccines, search for novel targets and validation of targets. It currently markets 5 biotech products in the India.
Performance: It has invested in creating robust foundation for developing biologic & Vaccine ensuring success with robust product pipeline. Focus on creating a strong infrastructure for developing vaccines and biological products to target global markets.

 Rank >> 33 J K Agri Genetics
President: Sanjay Gupta
50.66 crore
Business: Crop hybrids
Overview: In the event of their new managent, J K Agrienetics, an active player in the cotton sphere; is making efforts to develop resilient genotypes.
Performance: The Bt cotton hybrids have shown a 57% growth. Initiated a development program for machine picking to overcome the labour problem.

 Rank >> 34 Strand Life Sciences
CEO: Dr. Vijay Chandru
49.14* crore
Business: Software tools for Drug Discovery Research
Overview: Strand, a speciality bioinformatics company is making great strides in the systems biology space with the virtual liver project.
Performance: Opens a molecular biology core lab, Ganit Labs . It also forms collaboration projects with L'Oreal and Institute Curie.Recently Strand released the next version of Avadis NGS 1.3.

 Rank >> 35 Ocimum Biosolutions
CEO: Anu Acharya
49 crore
Business: Bioinformatics tools and services
Overview: Ocimum Biosolutions is a global integrated genomics services company with solutions spanning from Bioresearch Design and Execution to Data Analytics and Sample & Data Management. They have been the outsourcing partner for most of the top 25 pharma and biotech companies plus leading research institutes.
Performance: It entered into a joint venture with a Malaysian company and started operations in April 2012 and will focus on launching existing BioIT products and services.

 Rank >> 36 Molecular Connections
Founder and CEO: Jignesh Bhate
48.9* crore
Business: Bio and Chemo informatics, database informatics
Overview: Molecular Connections is a leader in text-mining and insilico drug discovery services to global pharmaceutical companies. Last year along with celebrating its 10th anniversary, it grew at a CAGR of more than 131% in sales and has gained more than 100% in net profits over last 3 years.
Performance: Molecular Connections expanded their global reach with offices in London, NewYork and Japan. Among other products and services, it launched MCPaIRS, India's first full text Indian Patent Database

 Rank >> 37 Bharat Immunologicals & Biologicals Corporation
MD: Dr Sreeshan Raghvan
48.55 crore
Business: Vaccines and diagnostic kits
Overview: As a part of Central Public Sector Unit, BIBCOL's principal mission is to save the lives of millions of children from disability, through polio vaccination.
Performance: Although the last year sales of oral polio vaccines was nil, it has been able to register good growth in FY 2011-12.

 Rank >> 38 Hester Biosciences
CEO and MD: Rajiv Gandhi
48.26 crore
Business: Poultry vaccines
Overview: Hester has 39 types of poultry vaccines: 28 types of live and 11 types of inactivated poultry vaccines.
Performance: Announces its indigenously developed health product, LACT-FD, a freeze dried chicken strain probiotic to improve immunity. It will also be exported to China.

 Rank >> 39 Beacon Diagnostics
MD: Dr DK Joshi
46.2 crore
Business: Medical devices and in vitro diagnostics
Overview: Beacon boasts of owning well developed infrastructure and equipments, which are crucial for delivering quality products.
Performance: Played a key role in Vibrant Gujarat project. With the JV to Avantor Performance Materials in place, Beacon is set to secure a place in the export market segment.

 Rank >> 40 Mavens Biotech
Chairman: Murli Dhar Kanther
45.55 crore
Business: Plant tissue culture & bioinformatics
Overview: Mavens operates in the area of bioinformatics, tissue culture and agriculture & food processing based research and development. The company went public in the 1982 with 2,48,000 equity shares at par.

 Rank >> 41 Indovax
MD: Deepak Kapoor
40* crore
Business: Poultry Biologicals
Overview: Indovax, engaged in poultry biologicals, focus on viral vaccines, inactivated vaccines and bacterins.
Performance: It commissioned a new SPF facility at Himachal Pradesh in a joint venture with a Dutch company, Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren BV.

 Rank >> 42 Oncquest Laboratories
VP, Operations: Dr Ravi Gaur
40 crore
Business: Diagnostics
Overview: Oncquest, known for its excellence in clinical diagnostics has evolved, with a core focus in molecular and surgical pathology services.
Performance: Achieves the overall growth of 150%. Enteres into two new disease segments - Cervical Cancer & Tuberculosis.

 Rank >> 43 Biovet
Chairman: Dr Krishna Ella
36* crore
Business: Manufacturing of animal vaccine products
Overview: Biovet's flagship product, BioFMD-Oil is directed towards the Foot and Mouth disease for active immunization against cattle, buffalo, pig, sheep and goats. BioFMD -oil contains FMD virus types O, A and Asia -1 as a trivalent adjuvant vaccine.
Performance: BioFMD-Oil vaccine is produced at Asia's first BSL-4 facility. The company has plans of expanding the facility to scale up the FMD vaccine producing capacity and to produce an animal TB vaccine.

 Rank >> 44 Shantha Biotechnics
CEO: Dr.Harish Iyer
26.3 crore
Business: R&D and manufacture of human vaccines
Overview: Shantha Biotechnics, a part of the Sanofi Group produces vaccines against Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Haemophilus Influenzae type b conjugate, Cholera, as well as recombinant Erythropoietin. A vaccine manufacturing facility near Hyderabad is being set up, that should be functional this year.
Performance: Shantha is also working on a Rotavirus vaccine, currently in clinical trials and hopes to get it approved in 2015. Following the product recall of their pentavalent vaccine, Shan 5 in 2010, Shantha Biotechnics now hopes to regain approvals from WHO and commence its supply by 2013.

 Rank >> 45 Transgene Biotek
CMD: Dr K. Koteswara Rao
26.25 crore
Business: Drug development
Overview: Transgene Biotek, the first company in India to engineer a recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine, has emerged successful with their new drug products, five of which are in IND stage.
Performance: Execution of animal studies on the oral insulin program. Also launched their own versions of tacrolimus and omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Developed CoBenCoDERM, a patented powerful anti-inflammatory micro-emulsion.

 Rank >> 46 Saamya Biotech
CMD: Dr. Y Sonia Reddy
23.29 crore
Business: Manufacture and market biopharmaceuticals and recombinant protein products
Overview: Saamya Biotech, is a biopharmaceutical company incorporated in Hyderabad, which also has a a subsidiary in Malaysia for manufacturing purposes. Currently it has initiated marketing of drug intermediates and raw materials through outsourcing which is providing the revenues.
Performance: It is continuing with establishing the biotech project where a fermentation plant in the Genome Valley for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. The company is currently targeting Tacrolimus, Daunomycin and hyaluronic acid production.

 Rank >> 47 Titan Biotech
MD: Suresh Singla
22.52 crore
Business: Manufacture and market biopharmaceuticals and recombinant protein products
Overview: Titan Biotech is manufacturer & exporter of the products which are used in the field of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food & beverages, biotechnology & fermentation, cosmetic, veterinary & animal feed, agriculture industries, microbiology culture media & plant Tissue culture media etc.
Performance: The company is in process of developing more products for Microbiology.

 Rank >> 48 Zytex
MD: Rasheesh Doshi
22* crore
Business: Manufacturing & marketing of industrial enzyme & biotech products
Overview: Zytex has been serving a wide range of industries with its innovative enzymes and biotech products to help create cost-effective and sustainable solutions.
Performance: Its cutting-edge R&D in fermentation technology enabled it to become the first company in India to develop and manufacture Nattokinase Enzyme (NattoLife) and Gamma-Polyglutamic acid (Aquadip)

 Rank >> 49 Accurex Biomedicals
JMD: Abhinav Thakur
15.67 crore
Business: Clinical Chemistry Diagnostics
Overview: Accurex Biomedicals has gained expertise over a wide range of chemical diagonistic products.
Performance: Launches a spectrum of diagnostic reagents and instruments. Also extends its services through toll free and live chat

 Rank >> 50 Shreya Life Sciences
CMD: Sujit Kumar Singh
15 crore
Business: Insulin products
Overview: Shreya Life Sciences acquired Rallis India and Plethico Pharmaceuticals, with an aim to reach across millions with their unique human insulin products.
Performance: Recovering from their financial blackout, Shreya Life Sciences is about to sucessfully launch its oral Recosulin product under the DCGI guidance. Rank >> 51 Bhat Biotech
CMD: Dr. Shama Bhat
14 crore
Business: Diagnostics
Overview: Bhat Biotech has been associated with the development and production of diagnostic test devices. It also deals with other life science products such as genomics and proteomics kits.
Performance: Successfully manufactured 20 million pregnancy kits. Looking forward to launch a diagnostic kit for tuberculosis. It is also on the verge of developing a low-cost and simplified PCR product.

 Rank >> 52 Excel Industries
CMD: AC Shroff
10.94 crore
Business: Environment and Biotech products
Overview: Excel's primary focus is agro-chemicals, which enables them to provide extensive manufacturing services
Performance: Excel witnessed a slight decline in their economy. However, it made a notable profit from its plot of land in Mumbai.

 Rank >> 53 Reakon Diagnostics
ED: Nital Patel
9.5 crore
Business: Clinical Diagnostics
Overview: Reakon is considered to be an OEM supplier for diagnostics equipments.
Performance: Proves to be successful in their business by developing immunology test kits

 Rank >> 54 Vivan Life Sciences
Founder: Vinod M. Bomman
7.34 crore Business: Pharmaceutical and life sciences
Overview: As a knowledge-based and technology driven enterprise, it looks at providing higher end products and services.
Performance: Maintains a consistent annual growth record. It also implemented the standard certification procedure to all CROs.

 Rank >> 55 Metahelix Lilfe Sciences
MD: Dr. K. K. Narayanan
4.53 crore
Business: Agricultural Biotechnology
Overview: Metahelix is focusing on developing traits and technologies for crop protection and improved productivity.
Performance: Metahelix develops the first commercial gene and also launches new Bt cotton hybrids.It holds the third position in the market in terms of volume.

 Rank >> 56 Imgenex India
CEO: Dr Sujay Singh
4 crore
Business: Therapeutic antibody and recombinant proteins
Overview: The antibodies produced by IMGENEX are being used world-wide for research in various segments of health care.
Performance: Initiated custom service of polyclonal and monoclonal antibody.It develops close to 500 polyclonal and 100 monoclonal antibodies every year. Opened a mordern animal house for in-house research.

 Rank >> 57 Navya Biologicals
Founders: Vinay Konaje, Dr KR Rajyashri
3.12 crore
Business: Biopharmaceutics
Overview: Navya Biologicals, a novel drug discovery company, outlicenses its products to other pharma companies. Many of its cutting edge molecules are in various stages of development.
Performance: Receives patent for a 3rd generation erythropoesis stimulating factor. It is a recipient of a BIPP grant for developing monoclonal antibodies and SBIRI grant for developing certain blood proteins.

 Rank >> 58 XCyton Diagnostics
CMD: Dr. B.V.Ravi Kumar
1.5 crore
Business: Diagnostics
Overview: Xcyton is keen on developing molecular diagnostic products for improved diagnosis of critical care infections.
Performance: XCyton is the recipient of Rs.20 crore funding. It looks at expanding its marketing activities in western region.Also launches the SES (Syndrome Evaluation System) platform.

 Rank >> 59 Geschickten
CEO: Prahalad Achutharao
0.45 crore
Business: Life Sciences (BIG) data analytics and knowledge discovery
Overview: Geschickten is the first company to leverage the power of High Performance and Cloud computing for translational medicine. It also provides Biomarker Discovery Services.
Performance: Looks forward to extend its operations in US. Also aims at increased growth and global collaborations. The acceptance of the subscriber based iOmics product is also greatly expected.

 Rank >> 60 NovoInformatics
Director: Sahil Kapoor 0.22* crore
Business: Target modeling,lead molecule designing for diseases & drug discovery
Overview: Novo Informatics develops biological software for pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies and research academics. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes target modeling, v-HT molecule screening, hits molecules identification
Performance: Signed pact with MBiotech, UK to undertake development & validation of novel molecules. It entered into collaboration with SCFBio, IITD on developing novel technologies for structure modeling and analysis for human proteins

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