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Instrumented Sophistication

Instrumented Sophistication Spinco Biotech has come a long way since its inception

Instrumented Sophistication
Spinco Biotech has come a long way since its inception. Today it is a trusted name in the Indian instrumentation industry and represents some of the best principals in the world.

Spinco Biotech celebrates its silver jubilee in 2006. Well known among the customers as distributors for Shimadzu HPLC, Spinco Biotech offers an array of instruments for Proteomic and Genomic research. With a network of fifteen offices and two hundred plus marketing, tech-support, application and customer relationship personnel, Spinco Biotech is one of the market leaders in analytical and life science instruments in India.

The two important milestones in the history of Spinco Biotech are the gifting of the 2000th HPLC to Cancer Institute, Chennai on February 5, 2000 by the then Chairman of Shimadzu Corporation and the recent Customer Appreciation Banquet held in December 2005 celebrating the 1000th installation of LC-2010HT integrated HPLC. The company also distributes Shimadzu LCMS, Protein Sequencer, DNA Sequencer and GC, GC-MS for Andhra Pradesh, Eastern and North Eastern India.

To complete the chromatography product line, Spinco Biotech is associated with various other manufacturers of detectors, columns and consumables. A few of them are: Wyatt Technology, USA (Molecular Size and Weight Detector), Polymer Laboratories, UK (Evaporative Light Scattering Detector), IN/US Systems, USA (Radio Chromatography Detector), PDR-Chiral, USA (Chiral Detectors) and Antec-Leyden, Netherlands (Electro Chemical Detector). Spinco Biotech promotes HPLC Columns of Phenomenex, USA and Chiral Columns of Daicel Chemical Industries, Japan.

The group company Spincotech keeps stock of huge inventory of chromatography consumables and spares to supply almost from stock.

Spinco Biotech also has a strong portfolio of products under the Life Science Group. It is associated with Affymetrix Inc., USA (GeneChip System, the Gold Standard for Microarray), Kratos Analytical, UK (MALDI TOF-MS), Shimadzu-Biotech, Japan ('Xcise' -Automated Gel Processing, ChiP -for Peptide Mass Fingerprinting and Protein Macroarray Analysis, 2D Micro-HPLC for Proteome Analysis and AccuSpot for automatic LC micro-fractionation and spotting) and APPTEC, USA (Peptide and Organic Synthesizers) etc. NIR systems for instantaneous measurement of raw material from Foss NIR, USA; Laboratory, R&D Freeze dryers from VirTis, USA and Production capacity freeze dryers from Hull, USA are the other products, the company is known for.

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