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'Securacell is our first success'

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'Securacell is our first success'

-Peter Bradley, CEO, KODE

What is Securacell?
Securacell is the world's first multi-purpose Quality Control System for immunohaematology laboratories. It comes as a kit that is designed to control, standardize and validate all routine immunohaematology tests. The ABO blood group Analytical Sensitivity Control component of this kit incorporates KODE platform technology.

KODE behind Securacell

KODE technology is the platform technology used in building Securacell. Over the last eight years, in collaboration with AUT's Biotechnology Research Institute, this technology has been actively researched, in particular with applications in modifying red cells and embryos. This first product has been the outcome of AUT PhD student Lissa Gilliver's research under the supervision of Professor Steve Henry.

Auckland-based KODE Biotech Limited specializes in research into the biomedical applications of KODE-based technologies in the fields of embryology, transfusion, transplantation, immunology, and disease diagnosis. Led by its CEO Mr Peter Bradley, the company is working towards providing practical and innovative KODE-based solutions to complex biological problems. Bradley was recently in Bangalore, on his first visit to India, to participate in Bangalore BIO 2007. In an interview with BioSpectrum, he shares the recent success KODE has had with its proprietary KODE technology platform.

What is KODE technology platform?

KODE technology is the platform technology of KODE Biotech (formerly known as KIWI Ingenuity Limited). In collaboration with Biotechnology Research Institute of New Zealand's AUT University, the company has been actively researching this technology from the last 10 years. The focus is on applications in modifying red cells and embryos. The Biotechnology Research Institute comes with its own funding and has added significant value to the research of KODE Biotech. The major laboratory of KODE Biotech is located on the AUT University campus.

What is KODE Biotech's relationship with AUT University?

KODE Biotech is one of the AUT University's partner institutions. The company has a strong synergistic relationship with AUT sharing expertise, equipment, facilities and staff. In this mutually beneficial relationship, AUT offers KODE Biotech infrastructure support while the university's PhD students have the opportunity to apply their academic skills in a commercial environment. However, all the IP generated in the company belongs to KODE Biotech.

The company has a contractual relationship with AUT for profit sharing. It is a win-win for all involved.

What has been the commercial success the company has achieved so far?

Earlier this year, we changed our name from KIWI Ingenuity to KODE Biotech. We believe KODE technology platform has a tremendous potential and want to leverage the brand name in every possible way. By referring to KODE technology in our name, we hope to build on the already strong recognition with our current license partners and increase its profile worldwide.

The first product utilizing KODE technology was launched in the Australian market, in February, this year, by Australia's CSL-after two years of intensive work on the platform.

CSL will be rolling out the product to southeast Asia as well. We have secured a strong intellectual property position on this technology and have licensed it to CSL for commercialization in Australasia and the rest of the world license is with Immucor, which will be commercializing the technology in US and Europe.

Nandita Singh


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