• 23 August 2005
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Techniplast launches Sealsafe cage

Techniplast, an Italian biomedical research equipment company dealing in a diverse range of animal care products, has launched Sealsafe, an Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC), to protect animals from airborne contamination. IVC features supply of HEPA filtered air through a self-closing valve positioned in the top. The IVC has set the standards by redefining at cage level the well proven air pressure barrier concept. This system is available in four different convenient cage sizes AND is being distributed in India exclusively through Delhi-based Samitek Instruments.

For further details, contact: samitek@vsnl.com





Pharmalab launches isolator barrier technology

Pharmalab has introduced Isolator barrier technology in India by joining hands with Isotech Design, a Canadian company. Isotech isolators, microenvironment and mini-environment systems are claimed to offer a cost-effective solution versus traditional clean rooms to manage sterility, control microorganism and particle contamination and provide containment management.

For details contact: rashmi@pharmalab.com





Thermo introduces new HPLC Columns

Thermo Electron has introduced additional columns in the Hypersil GOLD family, in addition to the C18 columns already available. The new phases include C8, CN (cyano), and PFP, fluorinated chemistry. Hypersil GOLD HPLC and LC/MS columns have gained recognition for providing outstanding peak shape. Based on highly pure silica, Hypersil GOLD columns provide symmetrical peaks, even when analyzing basic compounds that give discernibly poor peak shape on traditional reversed phase columns. Reliable manufacturing processes coupled with advanced bonding technologies produce highly efficient, reliable Hypersil GOLD C8, CN and PFP columns.

For details contact: shashin.shah@thermo.com

Millipore launches Lynx S2S connector

Millipore has announced the availability of its Lynx S2S connector, a single-use device for linking pre-sterilized fluid paths in biopharmaceutical processes. Easy to assemble, it facilitates secure connections in upstream and downstream processes as well as final fill and finish processes. The unique design of the Lynx S2S connector allows the assembly of fluid paths in both classified and non-classified environments. The Lynx S2S connector is available individual sets or in quantities of 12 or 24 non-sterile packs. The Lynx S2S connector is part of Millipore's Mobius line of flexible bioprocessing solutions.

For details, visit www.millipore.com/mobius

Eppendorf's Biochip for better optimization

Eppendorf has a new tool for researchers that enables them to effectively and reliably detect at a very early stage in screening any side effects caused by RNAi molecules in the cell, for example side effects such as proliferation, differentiation or apoptosis.

The "DualChip Human RNAi Side Effect" array enables for the first time the simple profiling of interactions and side effects by gene expression analysis. The kit consists of a prefabricated low-density chip with highly specific DNA probes. Data can be evaluated with the user-friendly analysis software that displays the results graphically for quick interpretation by the researcher. Thus, highly reproducible evaluations can be done long before cost-intensive clinical test phases are undertaken.

For details contact: santosh.p@eppendorf.co.in

RayBiotech launches Cytokine Antibody Array

US-based RayBiotech has come out with Cytokine Antibody Array, a protein array system. This system not only measures protein expression levels rather then RNA levels but also speeds up discovery process by conserving precious samples and saving time and money. The Cytokine Antibody Array has potential applications in profiling cytokine expressions, monitoring cytokine or chemokine levels in clinical trials, identifying potential molecular targets for drug development, etc. The cytokine array system is being distributed in India exclusively by Delhi-based Biotech India.

For details contact: Info@BiotechIndia.com



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