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Image Visionary

Image Visionary Having earned recognition as a leader in microscopy

Image Visionary
Having earned recognition as a leader in microscopy, DSS Imagetech has now focused its attention on imaging and genomics fields.

DSS Imagetech is a 45 yearold firm with two major divisions: microscopy and imaging and genomics division. It markets sophisticated lab equipment in the biotech arena in addition to manufacturing microscopes in India in collaboration with Olympus, Japan. During FY 2006, the company grossed Rs 27.4 crore in the biotech segment, while its total turnover was about Rs 45.7 crore registering an overall growth of over 28 percent during the year.

The genomics division of DSS is relatively recent and focuses on genomics/proteomics and molecular diagnostics application areas. Established about three years ago, it represents Abbott Molecular Diagnostics, Genomic Solutions, TaKaRa Clontech (Japan) and Cytomation. This vertical deals with microarray scanners, spotters and automatic hybridization units, complete proteomics package including 2D electrophoresis, spot cutters and automatic digestion systems, DNA probes for prenatal diagnosis, oncology, haematology and pathology, gel documentation and analysis systems, PCR and consumables. Presently, it has a sizeable number of microarray installations in the country and some significant installations in front end proteomics. During FY 2006, the genomics division garnered sales worth about Rs 9.2 crore. With an array of latest technology based product range and backed by quality support, the nascent genomics segment of the company has started making its mark in the biotech industry.

The company's microscopy and imaging division represents Olympus, Applied Imaging, Media Cybernatics, Ropar Industries, MBF Biosciences among other international players. In fact, its tie-up with Olympus has existed for the last 40 years and DSS Imagetech is the sole distributor of biological microscopes from Olympus Corporation, Japan. This division deals with automated system microscopes with motorized functions of stage, focus, filter wheel, digital microscopes, system microscopes for fluorescence, DIC, microscopes for IVF and ICSI, Patch-clamp microscopes for electro physiology. It also deals with genetic workstations for karyotyping, fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH), Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH), MFISH, image archival and analysis systems for 2D and 3D applications, comet assay for toxicology studies, neuron tracing and stereology systems for neurosciences. The division generated biotech business worth Rs 18.3 crore during the 2005-06.

The company has about 35000 sft factory area and its corporate office is located in New Delhi. DSS Imagetech has presence in eight major cities in India (Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh) and sales representatives in some others. Its 45-member strong team consists of qualified sales force, application specialists and trained service engineers to accomplish efficient technology transfer. Its logistics team is equally strong and experienced in handling both instruments and consumables. The company spends nearly five percent of its revenue in international training of the staffers so that they remain updated in different technologies to provide application and service support to its customers.

DSS strives to be a complete solution provider in the biotechnology sector. In the near future, the company will be strengthening its position in the cell biology, microarray and proteomics segment. In addition, it is setting up a 50,000-sft factory in Noida, UP.

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